Gary Neville Says Combining England Coaching & Doing Analysis For Sky Can’t Go On Forever: The Daily EPL

Gary Neville, the gold standard for Premier League analysis, admits that he can’t go on combining his expert analysis on Sky Sports at the same time as coaching the England national team. Say it isn’t so, Gary!

“The Sky job was there before I got my England role and I try to be my very best and to be honest,” says Neville in an interview with The Telegraph newspaper. “I’m not stupid and eventually I will have to make a choice or something will happen with the England job or the Sky role. But I love doing both things.”

Let’s hope that Neville continues both roles for as long as he can. And, at the same time, other football pundits are learning from him so that when the time does come for Neville to hang up his Sky boots, that there will be other sharp minds ready to take his place on television.

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