McManaman Commits Horror Tackle Against Newcastle And Doesn’t Even Get Carded [VIDEO]

Wigan Athletic staged a late comeback against Newcastle United Sunday, but the 2-1 victory was marred by a horror tackle committed by Callum McManaman on Newcastle United’s Massadio Haidara.

Unbelievably, McManaman was not cautioned for the lunge on Haidara in the first half at the DW Stadium. When McManaman and his teammates walked off the pitch at the end of the first half, Newcastle United assistant manager John Carver reacted angrily and got red carded after a scuffle near the player’s tunnel where he got into a pushing match with Wigan coach Graham Barrow.

Referee Mark Halsey didn’t even award a free kick for the foul by McManaman. The footballer will most probably receive a lengthy ban from the Football Association after they’ve had a chance to review the incident in more detail.

Wigan Athletic’s Callum McManaman has had one of those weeks. Just eight days ago, he was a key player in Wigan’s surprise three-nil victory against Everton in the FA Cup. And now this from a distant relative of ESPN TV commentator Steve McManaman.

It was a sickening foul by McManaman. And I don’t blame John Carver one bit for his anger. There’s no place in this game for fouls of this kind.

17 thoughts on “McManaman Commits Horror Tackle Against Newcastle And Doesn’t Even Get Carded [VIDEO]”

  1. Gaffer, I agree with much of what you said, it was a terrible tackle and one deserving of a red card. However, I’m pretty sure he is not Steve McManaman’s son.

    I think Steve McManaman has made that clear in various broadcasts they are not to his knowledge even distantly related.

    Plus according to Wiki Steve has one son, named Lucas.

  2. Quite the game for Halsey as he missed a blatant handball in the box when Wigan scored the game winner. I’ll admit that I’m a Newcastle fan and I won’t blame the loss on the actions of the ref today because, frankly, we didn’t deserve much on the day.

    That said, it still leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. I feel absolutely sick for Haidara. The string of brutal injuries for Newcastle continues.

    A pretty sad footballing spectacle in all regards at the DW today.

  3. Awful ugly foul the since no card i think it can be has not been a stellar week for the refs to say the least.

  4. Where are the other linesman? It is like they are afraid to rule things on their own. It was a terrible attempt….at what? I do not know.

    You compound that with the idiocy of Martinez…..He is a good boy? I do not care if he is the Mahatma….. Is was stupid and the only reason it was not carded, was beacuse the ref was blocked out…NOT beacuse it was not a bad challenge…Martinez.

  5. Since the referee didn’t see the tackle the FA can review it and give out a punishment for it. I’m sure they will.

    I think Steve McManaman has said on air that he is not related to Callum and that if he were a distant relative he had no knowledge of it.

  6. He went for the ball. It was a dangerous play, but the ball was nudged slightly, which led to him missing the ball and impacting the knee.

  7. Callum went for the ball, missed it and followed through onto Haidara’s knee. It’s the follow through that makes it a bad tackle. Callum’s post-tackle response is also under scrutiny as it appears to show it wasn’t accidental. I don’t believe he is a dirty player but the tackle was a bad one and for that he should receive a ban.

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