Watch the Google Hangout With Ian Wright and Soccer Bloggers [VIDEO]

Arsenal legend Ian Wright will be participating in a live Google Hangout today alongside soccer bloggers from EPL Talk, Football Ramble, The Stiles Council, The 12th Man and A Football Report.

Wrighty and the football bloggers — including EPL Talk’s very own Laurence McKenna and Kris Heneage — will be discussing a variety of topics including how to improve football coverage so that more people get better analysis.

You, the reader, can also participate. Register for the free event today at  And you’ll be able to post your own questions to Mr. Wright and company. And you may even be able to join in via video to pose a question.

The event kicks off live from London today at 1pm PT/4pm ET/8pm UK time.

We hope you join in this exciting Google Hangout courtesy of organizers Ball Street.

Here’s the replay of the Ian Wright chat with football bloggers in case you missed it:

8 thoughts on “Watch the Google Hangout With Ian Wright and Soccer Bloggers [VIDEO]”

    1. I believe so. I know that viewers are allowed to post questions. This is the first time they’re doing this. Should be a blast!

      The Gaffer

  1. That was fun! I’m sorry I missed participating live. Also, this just cemented my crushes on Kristan and Laurence.

    1. Laurence looked like a film star on the set in that Google video — with the lights in the background, etc.

      The Gaffer

  2. I watched part of it. Quite interesting, especially the part where they were discussing about “safe standing”. Wished I wish I was able to participate too.

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