Bayern Munich vs Arsenal, Round of 16 2nd Leg UEFA Champions League: Open Thread

No matter what Arsenal does today against Bayern Munich in their UEFA Champions League second leg match, the Gunners find themselves in an unwinnable situation. That is unless, of course, they perform a miracle and beat Bayern on aggregate.

If Arsenal gets slaughtered today, they’ll get killed in the press even if they are fielding a weaker side. Even if they draw or lose marginally today, they’ll still be criticized for not fielding a strong side. Other than a miracle win today, the only “win” for Arsenal will be to leave Germany with a respectable result (whether it’s a win, loss or draw) and then win on Saturday against Swansea in the Premier League.

Sometimes I pity the role of a football manager. Arsenal will be without Jack Wilshere, Bacary Sagna, Lukas Podolski, Wojciech Szczesny and Abou Diaby due to injury, while Theo Walcott and Santi Cazorla are expected to start on the bench. Wenger finds himself in the hot seat at the worst possible time against one of the world’s best teams — and it’s an away match in Germany at the Allianz Arena.

This could get ugly today. Or, Arsenal could show a new side to the team that is willing to fight even when it’s against the odds.

Before, during or after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

31 thoughts on “Bayern Munich vs Arsenal, Round of 16 2nd Leg UEFA Champions League: Open Thread”

    1. Too funny indeed. We put Bayern to shame today. Eliminated on away goals, but not many teams destroy Bayern 2-0 in Munich. Their behavior near the end so their real nature as well.

  1. Be great to se Bayern win 8-0… Then have Farcenal do to Swansea and get battered like a Ling Cod!

    Von Klinkerhoffen!

  2. IF Bayern play like they have in the past two Bundesliga games it could be a goal fest, they have definetely taken the foot off the pedal in the past few weeks. Hard to see Arsenal progress but I can see this being a 3:2 type match

  3. Can trust Bayern to do a job.. Not sure what fox soccer has as its feed but on fixsoccer2go there is NO Gus… I refuse to watch fox soccer as long as the threat of Gus remains a possibility…
    Heineken are you listening I will not watch you commercials on fox soccer.. Or anyone’s because of the threat of Gus..

    Gus is loosing you consumers !!

  4. In know way do Bayern look like a team that can win the champions keague, Farcenal are winning 1-0, unless they come out 2nd half and score 5.

    20pts clear in bundesliga is maybe more to do with Dortmund taking there eye off the ball and focusing on champions league than them being that much better than everyone else.

    Bayern look average and against a 5th place, average BPL team.

  5. Dust…do the math. Fox Soccer Channel (zero)…FoxSoccer2Go (plus one) = Fox Wins!!

    Until everyone is willing to drop BOTH FSC and FS2Go, Fox will continue to win…and will continue to feed us whatever the want.

    The only way to stop Fox is to affect their pocket book…that means cancelling BOTH FSC and FS2Go

    1. They earn more money per viewer for TV commercial revenue and “pizza hut play of the game” or whatever that hey do from fox soccer.

      There is no commercial anything with foxsoccer2go. Plus only about 50,000 subscribers.

      I get your point but ad revenue is far far greater than my 20 dollars a month, and I don’t get Gus, if anything like the other game between my and rm I Chose the non Gus feed, I chose Tyler, which sends a signal to them.

      I genuinely can’t wait for NBC to take per and be rid of Gus for BPL as well as pebble, Barton and Wynalda.

      1. Fewer subscribers…fewer advertisers…lower $/per ad rate…LESS REVENUE!!

        It’s all about ratings and subscribers…all the revenue is generated from there.

  6. Pep has his work cut out for him at Barca from a tactical perspective, if he was to play “his” brand off football,

    Bayern are all wings and crosses rs, even on the break, they don’t really utilize pass and passing through the middle. Which is a big part of Pep’s.

    Yes Bayern have talent and are good, but are no where near Barca tactically or technically in the middle of the park.

  7. Rosicky has to be one of the laziest players I’ve seen. He does a silly back-heel, loses the ball, tracks back half-heartedly and stops, as his mark wonders into the penalty area alone.

  8. Sorry but Millwall v Wigan in a FA Cup semi final is exactly why the fa cup is a third or fourth rate competition.

    No one takes it seriously, the quality of the teams is poor up through the semis still.

    It’s sad, because I used to love the FA cup.

    Europa league has better quality teams in it from the last 16 onwards, and helps you attract better players. For teams to take it more seriously they need to make the winners champions league eligible and only take top 3 from the league.

    Millwall v Wigan… Ugghh

      1. LOL thats right… No one does like Millwall football club you could be the nicest person on the planet … But to be fair, it’s something to do with the fans being thugs (The Millwall Brick a great contribution to football) and racist tho.. it not not just a blind hatred or dislike for no reason.

    1. Hahaha Dust Spurs haven’t won the FA Cup since the John Major era so I wouldn’t look down your nose at it.

      1. Ahh good some banter…

        I was there when we won the FA cup, I walked down Wembley Way, I remember it just fine thanks..

        My point is that its not a very good competition anymore because no one takes it seriously until the 1/4 or semi finals…

        Having attended the 81,82, 87 `88, 91 FA cups (Up to 87 we’d won it every time we went to Wembley) I Used to love the FA cup, but it doesn’t have a good competitive level anymore.

        Sorry but Millwall are not a good team, they aren’t just as bradford aren’t, Wigan aren’t either.

        You should bask in the glorious 10 years you’ve had since your club was founded Sacto, Up to that point you had won the FA cup twice? maybe three times I think? and even tho we haven’t won it since 91 we have still won it more than you LOL….

        the reality is that the Europa league is a better competition with better teams and its a better gauge of where your squad is if when rebuilding you want to see where your short coming’s are for next season UCL.

        You may be the first London club to win the European Cup, but you are also the first club to win it then go out in the group stages that very same calendar year too.. good one… and thats with the manager that allegedly won it for you and an extra 80m on talent to “Improve the squad”.

        So to win the FA Cup if you get past Man Utd which I hope you don’t, you would have to beat Wigan or Millwall.. not exactly a test of the 1.4 billion pound investment is it?

        For those that say the FA cup isn’t a Mickey Mouse cup… sorry but until all teams treat it like the UCL and not like like dirt, yes it has become Mickey Mouse.

        Outside of the tradition what has it got?
        You win a spot in the europa league… a better competition.

        Chelsea didn’t win the FA Cup when clubs did take it seriously… you won it in an era when clubs started putting out first teams in the semi’s…Even Spurs didn’t do that in the semi last year other wise Freezal would have started.

        Real achievements like being the first english club to win ANY european trophy… THAT is impressive, or being the first to win the league and a fiercely competitive FA cup in the Same Season THAT is impressive..

        Its a shame Everton have slipped it would be great to see Cheslea and Facrenal out of the top 4.

        And Banter.. Done!

  9. So, 3 Spanish, 2 German, 1 Italian, 1 French and 1 Turkish side left in the Champions League 1/4 final stage. 0 English teams. Ouch!

  10. Proud of my team today… that’s really more than we could have hoped for. Tough year… and apparently for all English teams.

  11. Who saw such a close finale in Munich. Arsenal almost did the impossible. Still, losing on away goals to Bayern, who have been terrific all season long and in recent games, is quite an accomplishment for the Gunners.

    Maybe this might carry over to the league where they have a much easier schedule than Chelsea and Spurs to make top 4 again.

    1. I saw it happening. We did the exact same thing last year against Milan–battered in the first leg and come ever so close to advancing in the second leg.

  12. This kind of result was coming for Bayern, the have taken their foot off the pedal in the past few weeks. A half ass Bayern is good enough to beat Hoffenheim and Fortuna (lucky to get 6 points from those two matches), but not in the CL

  13. Arsenal played much better today than I expected, but even though it was a morale-boosting performance, it means nothing if the club can’t carry that form on in the league on a consistent basis.

    The Gaffer

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