Reading Sack Manager Brian McDermott

Reading Football Club have sacked manager Brian McDermott with immediate effect.

McDermott’s last match in charge of Reading was their 2-1 home loss against Aston Villa this past Saturday in the relegation battle.

“Owner Anton Zingarevich wishes to place on record his thanks to Brian who had achieved great success with the club since taking over as Manager in December 2009,” said a club statement. “Brian gained promotion to the Barclays Premier League last year for only the second time in the club’s history thanks to a remarkable run at the end of last season.  However, in our current situation, owner Anton Zingarevich felt that a change was necessary.”

Reading currently sits second from bottom in the Premier League on 23 points, the same number of points that Queens Park Rangers have. The club have the second worst form in the Premier League. McDermott leaves the club with a win percentage of 44.97% since joining the club in 2009.

McDermott suffered the same fate as former Southampton manager Nigel Adkins after being sacked despite bringing the club into the Premier League. In my opinion, it’s a poor decision by Reading owner Zingarevich. Reading have been disappointing in their last two performances, but manager McDermott is renowned for great finishes to the season. Plus, it’s not as if Reading are going to be able to replenish their squad with new players, so the new manager will have to to work with the players that McDermott had. Brian McDermott would have been the best person to save Reading FC this season. What manager is going to want to move in to the Reading FC slot to try to keep the club up?

What do you think? Was it wise to sack Brian McDermott? Who do you think should take his place? And do you think Reading has any hope of staying up this Premier League season?

17 thoughts on “Reading Sack Manager Brian McDermott”

  1. This is more pathetic than the Southampton sacking. Who do Reading think they are? Do they think that they should be in the top 5 and going for the Champions League? That’s the problem with football now, every team thinks they are entitled to Premier League status, no matter how crap they are. I hope they do go down. How can they blame the manager for this? They’ll just get a worn out bum like Mark Hughes, Steve Bruce or McLeish anyway and still get relegated.

    1. I agree, people these days just seem to like to blame the manager for almost everything. It’s not as if he is the one on the field playing for the team right? Yes, he may be the one deciding the tactics and motivating the players, but how the manager can be held directly responsible for a team’s results is beyond me.

  2. Bad move. There aren’t that many games left and unless they already have someone lined up, which they should if they’re gonna sack him this far into it, they’re gonna have to pretty much keep with what they know so its pointless anyway. A new manager could take weeks to fit in.

  3. I think many Reading fans think back to this time last year when they where simply unbeatable. But, the PL is a very different style then the Championship. And frankly, not sure if the have done anything to adapt, and Alex is very right that they just didn’t get the horses to run in the top flight. And there will be managers that will be more then willing to go to a club like Reading, even with an unreasonable owner. Now, I don’t think anyone they bring in can save them, and they have to think plan B, a manager that can bounce us back up. If I was Zingarevich, I’d be looking at a man experienced producing stable squads with little cash.. Alan Curbishley would be a perfect fit. Yet I doubt it, but I also doubt the odds makers early choice, one Paolo Di Canio.

  4. If its pre planned they obviously have someone already lined up. I can’t imagine a team in their position going managerless while they search for a replacement.

  5. Thats Four losses on the trot; at a really important stage in the season. Clearly McDermot cannot motivate and inspire the team any more. If they have another good manager in mind, they might as well give it a shot, be it a long shot.

  6. This really worked well for Wolves last year, right? It’s not like they’re in the drop zone in the Championship or anything.

    1. McCarthy is an awful manager anyway, they would have gone down with him. Wolves’ fault for hiring the assistant (probably nobody wanted the job)

  7. Didn’t seem like he had much in the way of ideas against stronger sides past “park the bus, cross fingers.”

    Through the end of February Reading was last in Total Shots Ratio (kind of consistent with my impression that all they do is park the bus.)

  8. Di Canio is the favorite to replace him?! Oh dear. Looks like it’s going to be a while before I might think about rooting for Reading.

  9. Lets face it they’re knackered. Sacking him gives them a chance to have the boost that a new manager can give a team, probably should have got Utd and Arsenal away out of the way first.
    Considering they won the Championship last year his target would have been to survive in the prem, he hasn’t been able to do that. He would have been near the end of his contract so it won’t cost them, put in a care taker see the next two tough games out them seat a new manager it might work unlikely but with McDermott it definitely wouldn’t, this is the worst possible year of relegation from the prem with record T.V money etc coming in next year the owners would be gutted as it’s the kind of money that could of helped them stay there.

  10. McDermott was right when he said that Villa’s Benteke cost more (at 8 million pounds) than he has spent at Reading. Reading do look like a Championship side. They were punching above their weight at the start of the season but their lack of quality players has now caught up to them. Not sure if they can avoid the drop regardless of whom they appoint as the new manager.

  11. somehow Dick Advocaat is linked to the job…

    This is what happens when the prize money for finishing 17th is larger than most European clubs budgets. Owners are desperate to stay in the league because of the money involved

  12. So it’s goodbye to another manager in the league then. I guess after some time, this becomes unavoidable and managers will just keep getting sacked every season. Some may be justified, while some are totally ridiculous decisions. Anyway, quite sad for this man. He probably did all he could but unfortunately had to face the reality of life in the modern world.

  13. McDermott took over at Reading when they were in 19th place and took them up to 11 th in his first season. In his second season he took them into the playoffs where they lost to Swansea. In his 3rd season he took them into the EPL. Now that they are struggling with Championship-quality players they sack him. Crazy!

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Reading, QPR and Southampton got relegated as they are the teams that changed managers.

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