Watch the Live Draw For the Semi-Finals of the FA Cup [VIDEO]

Watch the live draw for the semi-finals of the FA Cup on EPL Talk today beginning at 2:30pm ET.

Peter Schmeichel and Edgar Davids will be at Wembley Stadium to conduct the draw alongside presenter Mark Pougatch. Schmeichel and Davids will pick the balls out of the hat to determine who will play who in the FA Cup semi-final matches.

Schmeichel won the FA Cup three times during his career at Manchester United. Davids represented Tottenham Hotspur in the competition when he played for the White Hart Lane club.

The live streaming video is brought to you by the English Football Association.

7 thoughts on “Watch the Live Draw For the Semi-Finals of the FA Cup [VIDEO]”

  1. The gift that keeps on giving. More of Rafa vs Fergie.

    Mancini vs Fergie can wait.

    This also means that either Wigan or Millwall/Blackburn will be in the Europa League and that only the 5th placed team in the league will get into the Europa League. There’s going to be a real battle for 4th and 5th, and maybe even 3rd. The title race is all but over so this is where things will be interesting. Along with the relegation battles.

  2. Milwall or Blackburn versus Wigan should make a great semis! As in, not in the sense that it will definitely be an interesting/exciting match, it’s just the nice feeling of having two underdogs play against each other at Wembley.

  3. Sad thing, however, is that one of Chelsea, United and City are already guaranteed in the final. And that whoever faces them there will automatically be the underdogs and have very little hope of winning.

  4. West Ham, Fulham, Reading, Chel$ki, Abu Dhabi FC (if we get thru the Renties)
    Has there been a tougher FA Cup campaign in the history of the competition?

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