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FOX Sports Still Deciding What To Do With FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus, Says Spokesman

fox soccer tv logos1 FOX Sports Still Deciding What To Do With FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus, Says Spokesman

After FOX’s announcement of the forthcoming launch of FOX Sports 1, the future of FOX Soccer, FOX Soccer Plus and FOX Soccer 2Go has yet to be decided according to a FOX Sports spokesperson.

“We’re still assessing how to best deploy our remaining cable assets like FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus, and when those plans are solidified we’ll make them known,” said Lou D’Emilio, SVP of Media Relations at FOX Sports. “The good news for soccer fans is that the programming that we do plan to migrate to FS1, like UEFA Champions League, Europa League, CONCACAF Gold Cup and Champions League, will be available to twice as many homes than FOX Soccer is at present.”

Until FOX Sports decides what they’ll do with FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus, we’ll have to wait until an official announcement is made.

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26 Responses to FOX Sports Still Deciding What To Do With FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus, Says Spokesman

  1. Fog says:

    Nothing like moving forward without a plan in place. Way to go Fox. This strategy has worked really well with Gus Johnson.

  2. sucka99 says:

    The only thing I’d hate to lose is Fox Soccer News and Sky’s Good Morning Sports Fans.

    • jennifer says:

      Can you share time and channel for GMSF? I haven’t seen that in guide. We will miss the preview and review shows and Sky SportsNews-never understood why FSC didn’t show more SSN. I realise this would go away anyway once NBC has highlight rights, but we will miss it greatly (as we watch for cricket and rugby news in addition to football).

  3. Fernando says:

    They’re figuring out a way to ensure no one cancels FS+ after it’s re-branded.

  4. noel says:

    Any chance that NBC will carry SkySports News? That’s the one show I’ll hate to lose.

    • Fog says:

      No. SkySports is owned by News Corp…which also owns Fox. I would imagine that SkySports will survive under one of the new branded sports channels.

  5. San Fransiscan says:

    Fox still has rights for the UCL correct? (for next season)

  6. Yespage says:

    If seemingly all the soccer programming is heading to FS1, there is no use for FSC. FS+ is the only channel that seems to have a reason to exist, albeit, a diminishing one.

  7. Philswin08 says:

    For a reduced cost($9.99/mo perhaps)I’d keep my Foxsoccer2go subscription going for the Champions and Europa League coverage. I’d probably watch Celtic in any SPL games too. C’mon NBC do the right thing and offer an app similar to Foxsoccer2go. Please though improve the picture. Foxsoccer2go picture quality sucks compaired to MLS and MLB over Airplay on my 50 inch TV.

    • Fog says:

      I would like to see Fox and NBC have online apps that use current subscriptions services as authentication without an additional cost. Such as, what NBC did with the Olympics.

      • Philswin08 says:

        I’m looking at it from a cord cutters perspective. My cable bill would be close to $100/month currently to have access to all the NBC channels that will show epl games. Don’t watch nearly enough tv to justify that expense.

    • San Fransiscan says:

      I’m subscribed with foxsoccer2go for free for over a year now.

      They got a BIG loophole which I’m shocked no one caught it yet.

  8. Cantona says:

    Fox Soccer may not be quite done… I have heard rumours of Fox and ESPN trying to sublicense at least one Premier game per weekend from NBC. i know they previously stated that they wouldnt , but this is the second time i have heard the rumour. Not sure if this has anything to do with BT acquiring the ESPN UK catalog… Something to keep an eye on.


    • rodrigo says:

      Why would 1 EPL game be enough to keep Fox Soccer alive? That game wouldn’t even be put on Fox Soccer to begin with. It would go on Fox Sports 1

      • Yespage says:

        Agreed. One game would be gravy for FS1, but for FSC? No way in heck. Fox has already announced most football programming going to FS1, so it’d make no sense to save FSC for one EPL fixture a week.

  9. rodrigo says:

    Sky Sports news is geared toward British viewers and includes sports Americans have zero interest in like cricket and darts. It won;t be moving to Fox Sports 1.

  10. Matt says:

    I’m actually hoping beyond hope that the changes to fox lead them down the same app based service as WatchESPN. Being able to watch games without spending greater than $200 a year sounds amazing.

    Same goes for NBC, actually…

  11. trickybrkn says:

    Would seem clear that the last thing Fox Sports wants to do is lose a channel on major cable systems. And with little to no soccer to broadcast, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fox 1, 2 & 3… Which could carry over flow, and provide extra views of say NASCR, baseball college basketball etc. And leaving a core to broadcast Champions league, and thus Gus Johnson… He can deliver on multiple sports with one contract. They’ll probably still carry cheap programming like Sky sport.. But I can’t see it branded or staffed as a soccer only station.

  12. Kevan says:

    What’s left to decide? If you take away all the programming, nothing is left for the channel unless they license another league to keep Fox Soccer on life support. It’s clear they’re going to can it. I’ll just miss the ample game reruns and Sky Sports News and Premier League Preview/Review/World.

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