FOX Soccer Nets 520,000 Viewers for Live Broadcast of Man United-Real Madrid

FOX Soccer’s telecast of Manchester United against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League was viewed by 520,000 people in the United States on Tuesday, March 5, 2013. The broadcast was the third most-watched game in FOX Soccer’s history behind the 2011 Gold Cup Final (1.1 million) and Chelsea-Liverpool from 2011 (579,000).

On FOX Deportes, Real Madrid’s 2-1 victory was viewed by 582,000 viewers, its second highest Round of 16 match since the network began showing the UEFA Champions League in 2009.

Given the importance of the game and the high profile teams that were playing in this match, the TV viewing numbers on FOX Soccer are disappointing. While the FOX Deportes number is impressive, the 520,000 looks less impressive when compared to selective Premier League games shown on ESPN2 in previous years. For example, on December 13, 2010, 570,000 people tuned in to ESPN2 to watch Manchester United against Arsenal. Plus, 610,000 viewers watched Arsenal-Chelsea on ESPN2 in December, 2010.

To be fair, ESPN2 has a subscriber base of over 100 million, while FOX Soccer has approximately 40-45 million subscribers.

When you take the viewing audience for FOX Deportes and FOX Soccer and combine them together, the million plus viewing audience is more impressive.

17 thoughts on “FOX Soccer Nets 520,000 Viewers for Live Broadcast of Man United-Real Madrid”

    1. Thanks for the info. Hope ratings will increase. 13 million Americans were watching soap operas while we watching (if not listening to) the MU/RM match.

  1. Wow impressive numbers for Deportes.. I’m sure some people who had access to both broadcasts went with Deportes due to the “Gus” factor…. Myself and many I know viewed it online via alternate means…but still shocked Fox Soccer didn’t have better numbers… Maybe the true fans are turning on Fox and Gus sideshow is wearing off….. Finally


  2. Keep in mind the matches being compared to RM/MU are weekend games. The Gold Cup was a Sat, the other matches cited are PL games.

    Even though Chelsea-Liverpool was a CL match, the interest was exactly like their PL meetings.

    It’s still a healthy combined number. If a record number had been reached it would’ve been unrelated to Gus Johnson just as this number is.

    1. Just to be clear, the Chelsea-Liverpool match was the Premier League match shown on Super Bowl Sunday that year.

      The Gaffer

    2. RM/MU were mid-week workday matches, ending at 5:50 PM in the East, 2:50 PM in the West. As for Saturdays in England, they are often all completed by 2 PM on TV in the U.S.

      Games from England and Europe are not on prime time hours.

  3. 1) How do ESPN Deportes numbers fit into the tallies?

    2) ESPN has a larger viewer base than FOX. We have to remember all EPL and Euro games are on during daytime TV, concluding 6PM in the East, 2 PM in the West. Noon EPL matches begin 4 am on the West Coast.

    3) Does anyone know the possible viewership for NBC Sports channel?

  4. I believe it’s a good number considering the match was shown during the day when most of us are at work.

    On a side note, I beg Fox not to use Gus Johnson for the Champions League Final. Unfortunately I’m sure he will be doing the broadcast.

  5. Fox Deportes advertised this game like it was already the final, they even had an hour preview show the day before the matches. They put a ton of focus into this match, pretty much every Spanish television channel dealing with sports only talked about this game

    NBC Sports Network is more available than Fox Soccer, NBCSN is on most basic cable packages and pretty much every hotel has it these days

  6. Maybe Fox can switch their commentators. Send Gus Johnson to Fox Deportes (they have more viewers) and bring the Spanish commentators to Fox Soccer. Who cares about the Spanish-speaking viewers anyway :-) .

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