How Well Does Your Premier League Team Convert Chances?: The Daily EPL

The folks over at EPL Index have shared some very revealing research that dissects how well, or not, Premier League sides are doing at converting their chances to score. Not surprisingly, Manchester United is in first place with a 21% conversion rate. And not surprisingly again, Queens Park Rangers is bottom with a conversion rate of 8%.

But dive in deeper to the analysis and you’ll find some very revealing stats. In the article referenced below, they also share research on which teams are the best at converting clear-cut chances. You won’t believe who’s in first place.

Feel free to share some of your interesting observations and insights from the data in the comments section below.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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3 thoughts on “How Well Does Your Premier League Team Convert Chances?: The Daily EPL”

  1. This makes a lot of sense. As a Spurs supporter I’m not surprised that they rank 13. Adebayor’s finishing has been horrendous and even Defoe and Bale have scuffed their share of chances. A little more clinical finishing by Spurs and they would be solidly in second place ahead of City.

  2. I’d love to know how random finishing percentage is in soccer. Is it like BABIP in baseball where you can usually expect regression to the mean? Or are there players who are able to consistently exceed the average?

    If I had to speculate, a lot of finishing in soccer is random. Gareth Bale is currently putting the ball in the corner a lot, but that’s probably randomness. RVP was doing the same thing earlier in the season, and now he’s spraying balls everywhere. That’s probably random too.

    Randomness often masquerades as something more substantial.

    I’d LOVE to see more detailed analysis that compares success rates by (a) distance from goal and (b) angle of the shot. That information is all in the ESPN match reports and someone probably fiddles with it. You could also add stats for odd circumstances like 1-on-1 opportunities, rebounds, first time shots, which foot was used, etc.

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