UEFA Have ‘No Problem’ With Ref Cuneyt Cakir Following Red Card for Nani: The Daily EPL

UEFA have come out and said that they have no problem with referee Cuneyt Cakir’s performance yesterday at Old Trafford after he controversially sent off Nani for a dangerous foul.

While many United fans will still feel cheated, I think it was a correct decision. While I have sympathize with Nani, what he did was still dangerous play. And, as harsh as it may seem, the red card was the correct decision.

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33 thoughts on “UEFA Have ‘No Problem’ With Ref Cuneyt Cakir Following Red Card for Nani: The Daily EPL”

  1. You have no clue at all. A yellow perhaps, but never a red. He had his eyes on the ball and was clearly going for it. By your reasoning Ramos should also have been sent off for his studs into Evra’s leg earlier on. Not to mention that United should have had a penalty for Rafael being taken down in the box.
    I’ll admit that I barely watched anything after the red card, I was far too upset to watch anymore since the referee decided to let his bias control the game and he absolutely ruined what was an intense match.

    There is no reason that we should be talking about his decision. I could have accepted a fair loss, but this is beyond injustice. Referees are at the point where they are completely above the law and many of them let the power go to their head. Especially when their decisions can help them earn a bit more, or influence the outcome for a team they support.

  2. Alex Muller, if you do think it was the correct decision then by your view United should have had 2 penalties, one when the goalkeeper without even looking at the ball punched Vidic squarely in the face and nearly knocked him out and the second when Evra was wiped out at the top of the box.

    Although I don’t see either of those as penalties they were dangerous play and did injure the players involved.

    Your point on the red is obviously one based on the fact that you are not a United fan. If you are going to write a story you should at least try to be objective, say the ref made a hash and move on. United loss because we collapsed after that card as it knocked the wind out of our sails. We will come back stronger next season as we did this season from the last. GGMU!!!!

      1. Fernando, i think I am pretty fair with my assessment, I am not blindly saying stuff but taking the statement from Marca, Spanish papers, Turkish papers, French papers old refs they almost overwhelmingly say it was not a red.

        1. Fair enough, I don’t think it was red either.

          However, the foul itself, even without malice is very dangerous. The issue isn’t intent, the issue was the action itself.

  3. UEFA also doesn’t have a problem with racism, goal line technology, over charging on ticket prices…Michel (Sepp, Jr.) Platini is in his own world.

  4. That red card ruined a fantastic match and a very interesting tactical battle. As a referee, if YOU are the big story after the game you failed. It really is as simple as that. Cakir also has a history of losing control and going card-happy, particularly against English teams. In the real world, we call that bias. It also makes me wonder if the official had something to do with Fergie keeping Roo on the bench – if so it’s a shame.

    The ridiculous statements from UEFA and Graham Poll only serve to show that they protect their own no matter what. I am a United fan, but I’m a fan of good football first. As a referee and football fan I would call that red card B.S. no matter who was playing – and I feel like we were all robbed of the opportunity to see a well-balanced, exciting match.

    It really is a shame…

  5. Alex, bet you also think the sky is purple. Nani was trying to control the ball. He didn’t even see Arbeloa. It wasn’t a challenge.

  6. The red card was probably the right call. Nani is not the brightest bulb in the back and continuously lets down his side with asenine greedy play. It has been noticably worse since his minder Ronaldo left the club.

    You select an idiot for your team in a big game, you take a risk with the good chance he will do something dumb. He did.

    1. it is something nani does in every game.its a way to take the ball down.lopez punched vidic in the face.and that is when he could see vidic.punch to the head is much dangerous

  7. Graham Poll can be quiet. He has had his own run ins in the past with brandishing cards left and right int eh Turkish league. Cunyet Cakir (a name only a mother can love) stole the show. I have seen worse attempts been called for absolutely nothing. Rafael’s block was played off the shoulder, and Graham Poll can send himself off. UEFA does have an agenda with English clubs. I don’t like the continent much either. Bloody nie ties can take their French begets and shove it down their a@#@#$@#%#@%@#%. Nani did not know Arbeloa was their and played the ball. He should have let the game continue for the world to see a spectacle of football. Instead we we got “Turked” big time.

  8. Maybe not a red but at the same time I can understand why it was given, only reason why this is getting so much press is because the English media are upset they won’t have a club in the final at Wembley and will be forced to watch some “dirty foreign” team, that’s all.

  9. As a former ref I do not understand where all this, “It was dangerous play, so the red was deserved,” stuff is coming from.

    Dangerous play, in and of itself, is only an indirect free kick foul. The call doesn’t require a card of any sort. The issuance of a card of any color would depend on the ref’s perception of the degree of contact and the intent of the player.

    Nani was not red carded for dangerous play. He was ejected for committing an egregious kicking foul in the mind of the ref. Was it deserved? That is another question.

    Nani certainly was tracking the ball. He is allowed to raise his boot to that level in any normal circumstance. Arbeloa comes into it also tracking the ball. The initial contact seems entirely accidental to me. Did Nani follow through a little aggressively? Perhaps. That one is very difficult to determine, even in slo-mo.

    All in all we have to accept that at full speed the ref thought he saw something else. I think it was the wrong call. Yellow all day, but I saw nothing that would lead me to eject Nani from the match…and I have no interest in United whatsoever.

    1. it all comes from people that hate man united.it doesnt stem from football knowledge at all.Some probably never watched the game.

  10. If this happened in South America in a Libertadores match, Cakir would be cooked.

    This is not about United or the English media. Its about football being descimated and torn away at its very fabric.

    Referees always seem to ruin or interfere in matches where they should remain hidden and allow the teams involved to play on. Why would Nani in such a big match want to deliberately injure Arbeloa knowing he might get sent off. It does not make sense.

    Cakir should be disciplined and demoted from his Elite status as an UEFA and FIFA referee. Even if this incident occured in another match I would still feel the same. But because he ruined such a great spectacle I have no respect for the man.

    I am also surprised that having officiated Fenerbache v Galatasry, this “poor excuse” is still alive. His history and bio pic seem to read like a card loving and sending off kind of guy.

    If United ever get him again as an official I would not even come on the field. Absolute disgrace!

    1. Agree. Seen him referee some Galatasary and Fenerbache matches. Even the fans in Turkey have issues with this guy.

    2. If only good ol’ Pablo were still around and had some money on an United victory. This sorry excuse of a referee would have wished he were never born.

  11. The lesson is if your foot makes contact with an opponents chest you leave your fate in the refs hands. Continental refs call matches much stricter than they do in the PL. Nani could still have been sent off if this had happened during a league match.

    I’d very much like to see the reaction if a Madrid player had made contact with a United players chest.

    1. I would still expect a yellow card. It was not deliberate. Nani is not stupid. It was in the heat of the match.

        1. He know the enormity of the game. He has some inkling of what is happening. I have seen worse challenges been called for nothing. This ref has a hard on for United. It was a 50/50 challenge and Cakir ruined it. He should stay in Turkey.

      1. You raise your boot up and this can happen. Nani paid dearly for a foolish foul.

        United also paid with not finishing their chances as well. It’s been overlooked for obvious reasons.

  12. I seem to remember Chelsea getting a red, too, against a good Spanish team in the CL once – when they were already a goal down, and playing away. But they still came back to beat Barca.

    1. At the Nou Camp as well. I think had this happened at the Bernabeu you would’ve seen Fergie motivate the team rather than the crowd as he did yesterday.

  13. If you look at the replay it shows that Nani followed through with his boot after making contact with Albeloa’s chest. When I saw it in real time I thought “Oh Oh! he might be in trouble for this”. Some referees would have given him a yellow while others would have done what this referee did. It is subjective.

    We see the same inconsistencies in refereeing decisions week in and week out in the EPL. Unfortunately it is part of the game.

  14. I’m a referee at a much lower level but my supervisor said that had I sent someone off for that it would’ve been overturned and then suspended a week.

  15. Nani is an idiot anyway and should not have been on the pitch. Rooney should have started instead of Welbeck. Sure welbeck runs around alot but does he score? NO. Rooney would have scored. Fergie should just be happy being the best (by far) in the premier league and leave it at that. Of course, I’d hate to be Chelsea this weekend in the FA cup.

  16. Here is the rule according to FIFA:

    Basic requirements for a foul
    The following conditions must be met for an offence to be considered a foul:
    • it must be committed by a player
    • it must occur on the
    eld of play
    • it must occur while the ball is in play
    If the referee stops play due to an offence committed outside the
    eld of play
    (when the ball is in play), play must be restarted with a dropped ball from the
    position of the ball when play was stopped, unless play was stopped inside the
    goal area, in which case the referee drops the ball on the goal area line parallel
    to the goal line at the point nearest to where the ball was located when play
    was stopped.
    Careless, reckless, using excessive force
    “Careless” means that the player has shown a lack of attention or
    consideration when making a challenge or that he acted without precaution.
    • No further disciplinary sanction is needed if a foul is judged to be careless
    “Reckless” means that the player has acted with complete disregard to the
    danger to, or consequences for, his opponent.
    • A player who plays in a reckless manner must be cautioned
    “Using excessive force” means that the player has far exceeded the necessary
    use of force and is in danger of injuring his opponent.
    • A player who uses excessive force must be sent off:

    For those of you saying it was a bang on red, notice the term EXCESSIVE force. Where was the excess? Arbeloa was NOT in his sight line therefore Nani would not be using excessive force on the football he was trying to control.

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