British Tabloids Conjure Up Tales Of Wayne Rooney Heading Out of Manchester United: The Nightly EPL

The British tabloids have pounced on the story about Wayne Rooney’s exclusion from the Manchester United side that started against Real Madrid, and now are jumping to conclusions that the star striker will be leaving the club this summer.

This is nonsense. Ferguson made a tactical decision not to start Rooney, which was shown to be working until Nani got red-carded. If anything, it shows Manchester United’s incredible depth if a player of Rooney’s calibre has to sit on the bench. While Rooney is an incredibly gifted footballer, his place in the United side isn’t guaranteed. He has to work for it. Full credit to Ferguson for making the tough decision to sit Rooney. Meanwhile, the British tabloids should be ashamed of themselves.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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8 thoughts on “British Tabloids Conjure Up Tales Of Wayne Rooney Heading Out of Manchester United: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Yea. A handful of papers started running this story and it caught the public’s attention. Now all the media outlets are jumping on it. It has turned into a frenzy.

    I had no thought about SAF’s omission of Rooney on Tuesday. I knew he would be in at some point. I didn’t think he would play the full 90 because he did against Norwich a few days earlier. And he Rooney was still coming back from his virus.

    My fear is that this media frenzy will get the knuckleheads in the Rooney camp (the same ones who started the drama a few years ago) to start getting in Rooney’s ear again.

    I’m not too concerned about all of this. We’ll see how this unfolds in the coming days. I’m more concerned with United beating Chelsea on Sunday.

  2. Says UK trash joke tabloid: “Ferguson Ready to Show Rooney the Door”

    Considering the source, I expect this would be true only to the extent that it describes the following scenario:

    “Well good morning there Wayne! Did you see the nice job our maintenance staff did on that door inside the dressing room? Hinges aren’t squeaking anymore and the put a new coat of paint on the whole thing,”

    “Credit to those lads, Sir Alex! Doing a good job as ever!”

  3. I’ve suspected that Rooney will be leaving in the next 2 years for a while now.

    A lot of this stuff has been tossed about as theory ever since Rooney’s odious contract negotiation tactics of a few years ago. I don’t think there’s much to it at the moment, but Fergie knows better than anyone else when it’s time to show the door.

    Rooney always reminds me of something a friend of mine told me a while ago, “for every smokin’ hot chick out there, there’s some guy getting tired of her BS.” In the case of Rooney, it’s the contract blackmail of a few years ago, the smoking, the diet, the training habits, adherence to club rules (suspension last year around Christmas) and the overall failure to keep himself in the same conversation as Cristiano Ronaldo, despite getting paid like him. The improvement of Kagawa and the superiority of RVP are other factors that make his BS a little less tolerable. Despite being older, RVP’s level of professionalism give him a better chance of being a superior player longer than Rooney, who is no longer in the “wunderkid” category.

    When the headaches of his antics and level of professionalism outweigh the benefits he brings to the pitch, he’s not long for Manchester United.

  4. Geez, how long will this rumor run. Now espn are trying to make out that Rooney’s departure is linked to Ronaldo coming back. Is it April 1st alread?

    I’ll be suprised if Rooney does go – he was dropped for the RM game based more on fitness (recovering from the virus that kept him out a couple of weeks ago) than anything. He’s also happy to play the support role, and I’ve always thought him more as an attacking midfielder than a goal scorer/poacher. He did pretty well playing behind Ronaldo, after all.

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