Gary Neville Dissects Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal With Yet More Brilliant Analysis: The Nightly EPL

Gary Neville does it once again with brilliant analysis that you’re not going to see anywhere else on television. In the pre-match for Aston Villa-Manchester City on Sky Sports, Neville dissected the defensive mistakes that both Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur made Sunday in the north London derby. This is a video that you must watch even if you don’t support Arsenal or Spurs.

Don’t delay in watching this video because I can guarantee you that Sky Sports will do a take-down request to remove the video because of copyright violations.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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21 thoughts on “Gary Neville Dissects Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal With Yet More Brilliant Analysis: The Nightly EPL”

  1. How bad does the Arsenal back four look when you see that clip. They are a mess, let’s hope they get that sorted. I thought that Vermarleen looked pretty poor yesterday when I was watching but you see exactly how bad in that analysis.

    To think I once thought SAF should buy him.

  2. Keep these Neville videos coming. We Americans are enjoying some of the best access to EPL games in years but what we don’t have is intelligent analysis and good post game shows. As someone who watches all my footy on the web I have no access to this kind of coverage. Thanks.

  3. if NBC has any sense on how to capitalize on their EPL investment they would pay whatever it takes to lock up their pre and post match show from London i know i am dreaming all the players would be accessible for features and interviews.GN would add the causal viewer with his wit and insight.

  4. No instead we get Rob Stone yelling “The American” simply sucks. I don’t want to toot the United horn too much but GN is the most brilliant analyst out there and he’s a RED!!!


  5. It would be great if Premier League Productions/IMG hired Gary to do a 1/2 hour a week show on tactics for the international audience.

  6. According to Gary Spurs don’t have a fast defense… LoL all respect Gary, Kyle Walker, Kyle Naughton, Steven Caulker, Kaboul have a great quickness as well as speed, Vertonghan not as quick but still… The only weak link for pace is Dawson.

    Who has improved massively under avb, he now looks for the smart pass instead of hoofing it up field.

    Not a fast back 4… Good one.

    1. Also he did not say that they did not have speed he said that it would be a challenge for them to get back if the ball was played over the top because of the space they allowed and if Giroud had better control his point would have been proved correct. Comprehension good sir.

      1. Yes he did say that.

        What Gary also can’t see from his position when he criticizes Wilshire for not playing the ball is the line of site of the player, it’s not like Wilshire had no one around him. Just because it looks on fom the gantry doesn’t mean it’s on from the played perspective,

        I think Wilshire has shown this season if it is close to being a playable ball he play’s it.

        When video is played back in slow mo and paused for several minutes of course it looks like it should be easy that this pass is on etc. but the movement is continual and real time decisions have to be made a lot faster then when sat in a video cutting room.

        The spurs defense have been turned around mid season by avb, after initial issues.

        Neville s a celebrity coach, he is an England assistant coach brought in to be a liaison / buffer between hodgepodge and the players.

        There are several points about his analysis I don’t agree with, but it’s pointless highlighting for debate as it rarely illicit a actual debate just insults as shown above.

        His analysis is certainly far better than anything in the states and perhaps in the uk, but I don’t get to see what everyone else offers in the uk outside of MOTD who also do a good job.

        But you’re a Man U fan so it’s unlikely you like Lawro or Hansen.

    2. I would love for Dawson to come to Chelsea this summer. A backline of Dawson and Cahill or Luiz would be solid. Forza Internationale !

  7. Imran…

    Quickness and speed when talking about athletes relates to 2 different aspects of running, quickness is the initial speed, so while vert isn’t as quick in the first 3 yards as walker, his footballing nouse makes up for it he is fast.

    Vertonghan isn’t as quick as walker but to suggest he is too slow to play an high up the field is just not true.

    If you watch spurs on a regular basis you would know BAE who did play (but I left off by mistake) IS quick and fast and routinely beats out fast attackers and opposing fullbacks. It is his speed that makes up for his atrocious positional play and overplaying mistakes.

    Dawson is the only weak link for speed.

    If you also watched enough Spurs games you would also see the cover system the fullbacks play every week, watch the analysis again BAE is employing when he out runs Giroud on one of the example Gary uses.

    The reason AVB plays the high line is because they ARE fast enough and smart enough to play it.

    Internet tough guy with the sign off insult.

    Finally if you watch the video again he is talking in a general sense about the Tottenham and Farcenal back four’s not just about the specific line up yesterday adding they also “switch” players around.

    Yesterday we had 3 fast players, 2 leaders that communicate in the middle…


  8. Gus Johnson, a man that will live in commentary infamy. When you think he cannot be any more inept on the Fox Soccer Channel, he proves us all wrong.

    Now resorting to listening to a Madrid feed on the ipad. No idea what they are saying, but you can hear the crowd noise.

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