FOX Soccer Does The Harlem Shake [VIDEO]

A tip of the hat to FOX Soccer for putting together their own version of The Harlem Shake featuring several of their production team having a blast in one of the meeting rooms at FOX’s offices in Los Angeles.

We’ve now had Harlem Shake videos from Manchester City, Fulham and Swansea City. Can it only be a matter of time before Ray Hudson and Phil Schoen do one for beIN SPORT? Or Ian Darke and Macca get funky for ESPN? We’ll have to wait and see.

According to FOX Soccer, “Let’s see, I spy a Gareth Bale celebration, nice. Timely. Also some injury-faking seems to be happening on the table. What other soccer-inspired dance moves can you find?”

3 thoughts on “FOX Soccer Does The Harlem Shake [VIDEO]”

  1. As someone from Harlem, those Harlem shake videos are a disgrace. The real Harlem shake is an actual dance move that has been respected in the Harlem community for Decades. This stuff shouldn’t get recognition as the “Harlem shake” though its a nice idea to get people together

    1. I don’t see the french complaining about the name of french fries. It is a fad and it will all be forgotten in a few months. Get over it Harlem

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