Aston Villa vs Manchester City, Premier League Gameweek 28: Open Thread

With so much of the media’s attention focused on tomorrow’s Champions League match between Manchester United and Real Madrid, it’s easy to forget about today’s important Premier League match between Aston Villa and Manchester City.

Manchester City has an opportunity to close the gap from 15 points to 12 today, while Aston Villa needs the minimum of a draw to move out of the relegation zone. Villa manager Paul Lambert is playing a good game in the media, saying that his team does not fear the relegation battle. I will say, though, that Aston Villa will be no walkover today for City.

Before, during or after today’s Premier League match, share your rants, raves, observations or questions in the comments section below.

For viewers in the United States, the match will be shown live on ESPN2 and

8 thoughts on “Aston Villa vs Manchester City, Premier League Gameweek 28: Open Thread”

  1. Looked like your typical tepid, disinterested “City just begging to drop points” effort until Villa’s horrendous back line started to assert its atrocious lack of quality in the mid-30’s.

    Damn well need 3 points here – can’t take 2nd or even 4th for granted yet.

  2. Major respect to Villa for showing a lot of heart there.

    Kolo Toure! WTF!?!?! Two just immense matches in a row filling in for our skipper, still hors de combat as a result of Stoke’s perfidious villainy and thuggishness two Cup matches ago. I’d be more bitter, but when you go to Stoke you pretty well expect to encounter tactics reminiscent of the Naughty 40 and have to expect to get a least a couple of your soldiers knocked out for a month or so.

    Heroic defensive work by all of the back 4, really.

  3. Villa are seriously so poor that you can give them an empty net and the damn ball would still end up in row ZZ. They truly deserve to go down.

    Wasted chances and their captain imitating a falling ballet dancer for City’s first goal!!

    A complete farce.

  4. Villa played well against Arsenal and today against City. They got nothing from both games but at least they were not overwhelmed. It’s going to be difficult for them to stay up but if they continue to fight you never know. There are still 10 games to go so it’s not over yet.

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