Andre Villas-Boas Says Arsenal Are in ‘Negative Spiral’ After Defeat: The Nightly EPL

In what could be the turning point of the season, Tottenham Hotspur defeated Arsenal today in the Premier League to forge a 7 point lead and to push Spurs into third place. Post match, Villas-Boas was in confident mood saying that Arsenal won’t catch up with Spurs.

Wenger, meanwhile, said “It’s very frustrating because we had the best defensive record away from home in the league before today. But it [poor defending] has happened to us many times this season and only in big games. It’s difficult to explain. There’s no common theme, it’s different problems. But you make it difficult for yourselves.”

I wonder what Arsenal assistant manager Steve Bould has to say about Arsenal’s defensive lapses today, and whether Wenger will be willing to give him more control?

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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18 thoughts on “Andre Villas-Boas Says Arsenal Are in ‘Negative Spiral’ After Defeat: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Wenger : “the quality of the quality did not have the quality today. We need to add quality to the quality if we are to be quality”

    (As he sped off in his new car purchased with his bonus from the massive profits made in 2012)

    1. Reporter: Arsene, what happened today?

      Arsene: Today wee played with handbrake on.

      Reporter: Why didn’t you release the brake?

      Arsene: Because it wasn’t quality brake and I did not have any quality brake in reserve as well, but I did bring in few oils to release the brake.

      Reporter: Are you going to bring more oils in the summer?

      Arsene: We already have all the oils we need to release the brake.

      Reporter: But you don’t have ‘world class’ oils, Arsene. That’s what you need to relase the brake.

      Arsene: Don’t question my judgement. I have been doing mechanic work for last 30 years. I have made hundreds of oil changes and thousands of brake work. Don’t tell me I don’t know what I am doing.

  2. Tottenham are a one trick pony… Bale. They are a good squad, but not top rate yet. ( and if you wanna bash me as a WHU supporter notice I did say YET) If they lose Bale, they are back to the same old Tottenham. A mid table club. So lets not crown then the next big thing.

    Arsenal destroyed themselves with the stupid high line, otherwise they where the better team, no matter what a pissed off Piers Morgan says. Rosicky was the absolute wrong man to bring on… Podolski should have been in the 11 as should have Oxlade-Chamberlain. Wenger is just not in touch with his best squad.

    1. HAHA your statment at the end is absolutely hilarious. Oxlade-Chamberlain in the starting XI you have to be joking, he does great against weaker sides but top table he fades away. Saying Spurs is a one trick pony is just an ignorant statement. Spurs were clearly the better squad. I would have to say Lennon had a better game than Bale and Bale played great. Not to mention Lloris, Vertoghen, and Dembele played like world-class footballers. If anything this game proved that Spurs is not a one-man team.


  3. No doubt Bale is on fire right now but Spurs have been quality most of the season even without his game winning heroics. If not short of a world class striker I would rate Spurs as equals with any EPL squad.

      1. Didn’t we get 4 Pts off you this season? and that game at WHL you had to park the bus for the last 20 minutes.

        IMO Nelson isnt wrong, we are third with key players injured and only 1 striker…

        our squad will get stronger too when we reach champions league and spend this summer…

        Next year will be very very interesting… :)

    1. Sorry but I saw Matt Jarvis ruin Spurs back line… If Arsenal had any sort of positive attack they would have won that match… Wenger’s selection was so far off base, and the result proves that. Spurs are all about counter and wing play, defend that and they are an average squad. think about it….

      1. Jarvis made two runs against Walker who had flu, he still had it during the NLD, west ham… you hardly had any chances you got lucky to get 2 without your keeper Caulker would have had a hat trick from set pieces alone…andy carroll… lol.. please

        We didn’t have our strongest team, as 3 key [llayers are injured, you should just focus on not getting relegated

        1. Jarvis was beating Dembele all night, not walker/
          and stop making excuses… Our best midfielder and center defense man also wasn’t in the match and our captain went off early with a broken toe. I read you comments on the game and you said WHU just hoofed the ball over and over. And I’m not sure what game you where watching, cause West Ham held the ball well in the midfield, only had major issues dealing with service from the wing. And if not for Collins acting like it was Wales training and letting Bale on his left at will, the game should have been a draw. and yes Jussi did have a great game.
          Look you should be proud of Spurs performance this season, but the drop off in talent from Bale to the rest of the team is shocking. And Lennon is a good player, but no where near world class. and here is an interesting read for Spurs fans…

  4. Give Steve Bould more control over the club’s affairs? Sounds like an interesting idea to me. Being a former Arsenal defender, he should be good enough to improve the team’s defence which can help contribute to better performances. Also, the fact that he was a former Gunner and bears the heart of Arsenal should appeal to most fans, including me.

    While I congratulate AVB for his achievements in bringing Spurs to where they are now, I suggest he better not be overconfident either and keep working harder to maintain their position. Not saying that this will definitely happen, but if you’re from Spurs, you really want another collapse similar to last year to happen again, would you? As for who will end up finishing on top, it’s really hard for me to say since there are only 10 games left. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Perhaps it might be better for us to fall behind our rivals just once just in order to give the team’s management a wake-up call.

  5. Hey Andre Vilas mid ur own business u dont know piss al wats arsenal going thou go jog long ur boring playerd tottenham u think u got do play in the CL HAHAHA i hope u get kocnk out first round u so boring like man utd city and chelsea …i hope next yrs u have bad bad sasson and all the fan call 4 ur fat ugly head …ROCK OFF FAT SO MANGNGER TAKE THE UGLY DIRTY PLAYER WITH U …

  6. I too congratulation Spurs on a good run this season, but AVB should know better than to engage in this pointless dribble.

    I have no doubt that Spurs will see UCL play next year, but it will be hard to compete when Bale heads for greener pastures this summer.

    As I used to tell my six year old when his head got bigger than his foot skills, “Let your playing be your talking.” Right now AVB’s results speak for themselves. No need to ruin it.

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