Arsene Wenger Hasn’t Made Tactical Plans to Stop Gareth Bale: The Nightly EPL

The more that time passes, the more I wonder how out-of-touch Arsene Wenger is with modern day football management. He admitted in his press conference this morning that his team hasn’t made any tactical plans to stop Gareth Bale. Instead, it appears that he’ll trust the Arsenal defenders to stop Bale. But how many times have we seen this season where Arsenal defenders look completely bamboozled by opposition strikers?

If the tables were turned, I’m sure Andre Villas-Boas — or most other Premier League managers — would try to stop Bale either by having 2-to-3 men marking him when he approached the penalty box, or physically trying to intimidate him to knock him off his game.

We’ll see on Sunday whether Wenger made the right decision or not.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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