Arsene Wenger Hasn’t Made Tactical Plans to Stop Gareth Bale: The Nightly EPL

The more that time passes, the more I wonder how out-of-touch Arsene Wenger is with modern day football management. He admitted in his press conference this morning that his team hasn’t made any tactical plans to stop Gareth Bale. Instead, it appears that he’ll trust the Arsenal defenders to stop Bale. But how many times have we seen this season where Arsenal defenders look completely bamboozled by opposition strikers?

If the tables were turned, I’m sure Andre Villas-Boas — or most other Premier League managers — would try to stop Bale either by having 2-to-3 men marking him when he approached the penalty box, or physically trying to intimidate him to knock him off his game.

We’ll see on Sunday whether Wenger made the right decision or not.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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10 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger Hasn’t Made Tactical Plans to Stop Gareth Bale: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Should be interesting, especially since it looks like both Sagna and Diaby will be out. It’s also looking like Defoe may try to return.
    That would be a massive boost for Spurs, since Adebayor has looked like a better ninja than striker.

  2. Uh..oh…better be wary of Bale. Sadly, at the rate he’s going, I can’t say I have much confidence about Arsenal’s chances this time.

  3. That’s not news, arsene is know to not stud opposition, like barca. It worked his first 6 years, not so much the last 9.

    Will the curse f the manager & player of the month awards for avb & bale mean a fRcenal win?

  4. This blogger is just a twat. I dnt know how much of football u know as to question the tactics of the 2nd best coach on earth. You even as much as tried to compare him to these green horn coaches in premeirship like avb, moyes,etc. What impudence!

  5. Yeah I’m sure he divulged his entire strategy right before one of the biggest games of the season.

    I remember now why I usually skip this blog.

      1. “it’s just an opinion” is a simpleton’s excuse. You’re already bashing Wenger based on an event that hasn’t even happened yet. Does anyone one really expect to hear real tactics before a match? Don’t risk credibility for clicks. That always fails in the long run.

        1. I don’t know what you’re talking about. When did I criticize Wenger? Plus, calling someone a simpleton is uncalled for.

          If I cared about clicks, I’d be running slideshows like Bleacher Report does all day.

          The Gaffer

  6. Bale is actually fairly easy to deal with… Just don’t let him get on his left foot. Then is is just an average player… that said… it is easy to write don’t let him get on his left foot, much harder in practice. But… it is almost as if you have to sell out to his left and force his magic from the right. And if you can stop him. you stop Spurs.

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