Chelsea Back Rafael Benítez Despite Rant Against Fans and Hierarchy: The Daily EPL

Interim Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez has done himself no favors after coming out on the attack against Chelsea supporters and Roman Abramovich, saying that giving him the title of ‘interim’ was a mistake and criticizing Chelsea away supporters for undermining his and the team’s success. Benitez also says he doesn’t plan on staying at the club after this summer.

Chelsea, meanwhile, has come out in support of Benitez, but it’s only a matter of weeks now until Benitez either gets pushed out or he cracks under the pressure.

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9 thoughts on “Chelsea Back Rafael Benítez Despite Rant Against Fans and Hierarchy: The Daily EPL”

  1. I’ll never understand DiMateo’s dismissal or for that matter AVB’s either. Both managers make this current regime look even worse.

  2. the fat waiter finally lost it.Roman put the Scarlett letter on him by saying he was interim.what a freaking joke now there will no problem for his move to RM can you say DELUSIONAL!

  3. Benitez has realized that this Chelsea squad is very imblanced and that it is a work in prgress.

    A manager that is interim will always have problems getting the playes to listen to him and the fact that the senior players have not come out in support of Benitez makes it even more difficult. Add to that the hostility of the fans towards the manager, especially during games, has hurt the performance of the team.

    This is not going to end well for Chelsea as this soap opera could mean no top 4 finish.

  4. I kind of see the points of all sides of this.

    I get where the Chelsea fans that have not supported Benitez are coming from. They saw a manager who brought them the European Cup and another FA Cup (who is also a club legend) unceremoniously shown the door. They are within their rights to be angry and disappointed about that, especially since he was replaced by someone they weren’t inclined to like.

    That said, I feel where Benitez is coming from as well. It can’t be easy to deal with the heckling and lack of support. And he’s right that, in the end, the fans aren’t helping the team with their antics.
    But – yes ANOTHER one (ha!) – didn’t Rafa know what he was getting into? I get that he saw this as his big chance to remake his reputation, but he saw what’s been happening at Chelsea in the last 18 or so months. This cannot be a surprise to him. Maybe he thought he was the special snowflake who could overcome the lack of stability, but if that’s the case, aren’t there like 9 other guys he could have called to find out if taking this job was a good idea?

  5. The problem with the plastic fans is that some actually want Chelsea to lose because they are afraid that Rafa will stay beyond this season. That shows you how crazy these fans are. Well now that Rafa has stated he won’t stay beyond this season maybe the fans can go back to supporting their club and stop anti-Rafa campaign. Wishful thinking.

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