Manchester City Seeks Partner Clubs in USA, Mexico and China: The Nightly EPL

In an exclusive article by Ian Herbert in The Independent newspaper, the reporter reveals that Manchester City have plans to seek partner clubs in the USA, Mexico and China in an attempt to build a global brand.

Manchester City has realized that it has smaller matchday revenues than other top clubs in the Premier League, so it needs to generate more revenue overseas to help bring funds in to meet the Financial Fair Play rules.

City recently hired American Tom Glick as chief commercial and operating officer to drive up City’s commercial revenues to look for new, creative ideas and business models, and that North America is a prime target.

What are your thoughts regarding the story? Do you think it’s a good idea that Manchester City is considering partnering with a club in the States? And if so, who should they partner with?

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6 thoughts on “Manchester City Seeks Partner Clubs in USA, Mexico and China: The Nightly EPL”

  1. This could well start a trend if it works. One could easily see Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal et al partnering with clubs in smaller leagues and perhaps even lending developing or lesser players to them for experience.

  2. Dont bother looking at the Seattle Sounders as a feeder club. On second thoughts, maybe Luton may find them compatible.

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