Manchester City vs Chelsea & Newcastle vs Southampton: Open Thread

Manchester City faces Chelsea today in a match that many are considering the race for second. Mathematically there’s still a chance for City to win the Premier League title, but the way that Manchester United are playing, it seems unlikely that the Red Devils will slip up.

Nevertheless, it’s a massive match for both Roberto Mancini and Rafa Benitez. And a big day for Gus Johnson, who will be commentating his first Premier League match for FOX Soccer.

Manchester City starting XI: Hart, Zabaleta, K Toure, Nastasic, Clichy, Garcia, Milner, Rodwell, Silva, Y Toure, Aguero. Subs: Pantilimon, Lescott, Kolarov, Nasri, Sinclair, Tevez, Dzeko.

Chelsea starting XI: Cech; Ivan, Cahill, Luiz, Cole; Mikel, Lampard; Ramires, Mata, Haz; Ba. Subs: Turnbull, Azpili, JT, Bert, Oscar, Moses, Torres

Mancini’s inclusion of Rodwell is a surprise particularly after the former Everton midfielder made some crucial mistakes earlier in the season.

For Chelsea, today is an opportunity for Frank Lampard to move close to equaling Bobby Tambling’s goalscoring record of 202 goals for the Blues. Lampard has scored 199.

Plus, kicking off at the same time is Newcastle United versus Southampton.

Before, during or after today’s match, follow the conversation in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

80 thoughts on “Manchester City vs Chelsea & Newcastle vs Southampton: Open Thread”

  1. One Gus Johnson, there’s only one Gus Johnson, onnnneee Gus Johnsonnn, there’s only one Gus Johnson!

    Superrrr, super Gus,
    Superrrr, super Gus,
    Superrrr, super Gus,
    Super Gussy Johnson!

    Does he call them live from the stadium or is he in a studio watching the live feed?

  2. Gus Johnson!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Haven’t we suffered enough this year?

    Going too have to try the old trick of running the radio feed with TV volume off. You can get BBC Radio Manchester from the City website. Might not exactly match up with the HD feed on the execrable Fox Soccer but better than having to listen to that @$$ clown.

    1. Talksport is 4 or 5 seconds behind but i agree much better than g johnson. before somebody throws out the racist crap i would do the same thing if it was arlo white okay

  3. city are particularly weakened fer this fixtue. if the team isnt depleted enuf, mancinis glaring omission of leavin tevez on the bench is just a masterstroke(for chelsea)! and strating kolo,really? what does lescott have to do to get into the team now. ths can act up in tow ways for city. expected city to go more attack oriented, considerin they are playin a team in chels who arent havin a great time themselves.

    1. Now he’s just said that Mata wasn’t ready for a pass from Hazard. Mata thought he was offside. That’s why he didn’t move for the ball.

      thatnks, Gus.

  4. Yaya plays a simply exquisite pass splitting the Chelsea defense and causing them all kinds of issues, what does Gus do, he ignores it and instead gives us more useless f ing stats.

    Gaffer can I let out a couple choice swear words or will I be censored?

  5. yeah.. talksport here i come.. i just heard the pratt call eden hazard french.. hes bloody belgium…. cant take it anymore.. you would think he actually read the bio sheet…


  6. Knowing Gus Johnson is covering the game makes me thankful I’m stuck in traffic and following the gamecast on ESPN.

    Hopefully the Russian rent boyz do the business today.

  7. 41st minute. That may have been the worst call i’ve ever heard. “Aguero. Handling. Ridden off. Rodwell. Too much power.”

    First, his timing was way off. Aguero had already lost the ball when he said “handling”. Rodwell was shooting when he said “ridden off” and then worst of all he had no idea that Cech saved the shot. If there was a time to be excited that was it but somehow he missed it.

    Just so bad.

      1. It was only 2-3 sec, but I never counted. It wasn’t bad enough to make me listen to whatshisface. I’m not as strong, or crazy, as De Selby. 😉

        Keeping talkSPORT on for the Swans’ match.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that too. Usually Talksport is was behind. I think I’m going to continue to listen to GUS because I like to punish myself. And complain.

  8. I’m glad to see others irritated with today’s announcer. How could Gus Johnson’s call get worse week to week? This is near unlistenable at this point.

    I’m not so sure now I feel bad about Fox Soccer losing the EPL.

    1. Before going to commercial at the end of the half he said the score wrong, listing Chelsea first.

      Why can’t he be stopped?
      Won’t someone think of the children?

  9. His coverage is unbearable, I had to turn it off. Missing calls, incorrect calls, inappropriate excitement, merely reciting players’ names as they get, this guy is just plain awful.

  10. What a goal by Cisse to put Newcastle ahead. Has to be one of the goals of the season. Southampton started well and got an early goal but Newcastle have dominated since and lead 2-1 at halftime.

  11. When he questioned what the team’s were thinking at the 37th minute I laughed. Not chuckled…laughed. This is such nonsense.

  12. Uggghh, BBC Manchester is 4 seconds ahead. So reluctantly I go to old boy Gus and hear…. “Crosssss-ESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!” every time someone throws it into the box.

    “Rod-WELLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!” every time he gets his head on it.

    I was interested to see that Petr Cech (100% class keeper and person, BTW) was in “the right place at the right time” when making his most difficult save.

    Thanks a bunch, Fox. Ordinarily I would be thinking:
    1) some great stretches of attacking play reminiscent of 11-12
    2) About 3 very nice pieces of work by frequent City supporter punching bag Javi Garcia
    3) Rodders looking very sharp but nearly giving away the shop with one ill-considered pass (see: Soton 1 and Dortmund 1)

    Oh, but NOOOOOOOOOO! I am constantly distracted by Gus FREAKING JOHNSON. Hey Johnson! BASKETBALL is a different game. In football you can’t flip your sh^& every time someone takes a corner or directs something on net. A corner is not an attempted three-pointer from the top of the key.

    Arrrrghhhhh! I myself am going to stop beating this dead horse beginning after this post. Nothing to do for it but wait for NBC coverage and actual, professional commentators for a match of this magnitude. And back to BBC Manchester, as I’d rather hear what is happening 4 seconds ahead than listen to dingbat and his constant baketball-isms.

    1. Marc L
      it really sucks since one of the sides is your team to follow. if you flip over to talksport you will behind not sure which is better.

    2. Marc you have hit it directly on the head, instead of being able to focus you hear his nonsense, where on the field is the “left channel” exactly?

  13. For those of you complaining about Gus Johnson an alternative is Fox Deportes. You cannot be offended by a language you don’t understand :-).

    1. I think I’m going to actually LEARN SPanish just so I can get away from having to listen to that moron doing UCL matches in the future.

      (In truth I have wanted to do this anyway just to get more out of GOLTV Bundesliga matches)

    2. Great suggestion but unfortunately for me I no longer have Deportes!!! I am a United fan but would still like to watch a proper commentary.

  14. Having a bit of banter with one of the EPL Talk podcast and he reckons Gus is doing very well. I might have to now never listen to the EPLTalk pod again. LMFAO.

  15. I can’t believe that with all of the Gus bashing that everyone missed that at the 4:15 mark he says that Manchester Untied won 2-0 behind goals from Giggs and CHICHATITO. If nothing else, that should show Fox that no one is listening!!!!

    1. Fog, I did miss that lmao. Simply stunning!! He is simply brilliant. I will give him a small bit of credit the penalty save was a decent call.

  16. It’s sad that the old Fox Sports World which I loved so much has morphed into an entity that I actively despise. What’s next – Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long? Don’t laugh. The volume on my telly is OFF when there is not a match going on and now I have to turn it OFF when there is a match going on. Can’t wait until they fade into oblivion. They deserve it.

  17. Chelsea’s backline can’t keep up with Aguero’s speed. It’s just a matter of time until he breaks out with a pass from Ya Ya.

  18. I think if I hear “in the area” one more time I might punch myself in the area. Itll probably less painful than listening to this broadcast

  19. “For Chelsea, today is an opportunity for Frank Lampard to move close to equaling Bobby Tambling’s goalscoring record of 202 goals for the Blues. Lampard has scored 199.”

    Or, closer to the LA Galaxy as he misses a penalty!!

    1. I understand that proponents for live streaming are going to use Johnson’s broadcasts as their main example as to why it should be allowed.

  20. Too bad City didn’t play like this for most of the season. Good win but too late for the title.

    Chelsea just look like an unbalanced side. Spurs might just overtake them for 3rd.

  21. I’d rather play with 10 men than bring Nasri on, even for the final 2 minutes. Let Arsenal know we’d be glad to let their garbage return.

  22. A superb performance everywhere on the pitch. And in the technical area, I might add. Best effort of the season.

    My MoTM is of course Toure. KOLO Toure. And I would note that this isn’t my “old centre-back bias” in play. City’s radio announce team in fact is in agreement with that.

    League title is gone and has been. But this goes a long way to securing the UCL slot in general and 2nd in particular.

    Big ups to everyone on the squad. Zabba made that little ball-boy kicking pouf Eden Hazard look like the wispy overrated little nothing that he is. JAVI GARCIA (sorry, bluemoon forum) was massive. Rodders quite dynamic. I could go on and on and won’t.

    Now could the UK press just STFU as far as Bob getting run this year? A least for a week? At least for a day?

    1. Your last paragraph is spot on. Not a City fan, but I don’t get the Mancini haranguing by the press and I sure as hell wouldn’t be as nice as he has been about it. I’d be making him look like Mother Teresa.

    1. I think it’s a preview of what FOX Sports 2 or 3 will be like when they get rid of FOX Soccer and accompany soccer programming next to car races and other non-soccer programming.

      The Gaffer

  23. Chelsea’s midfield is a disaster. Mikel/Lampard just can’t perform in the holding role against a team like City, especially as a pair. They were overrun from the minute the match started.

    Hazard was non-existent, and Mata had his worst performance of the season. All credit to City for taking the game right to Chelsea.

    1. I think Chelsea played better than people in general will give them credit for. (Not Hazard – Zabba made him look like a 16 year-old ballboy today.)

      I know I’m biased as all hell, but when City is “on” they will just pound the living &%$#@ out of anyone. Today they were on. Chelsea did well not to be on the wrong end of a, uh, uh…… SIX TO ONE!!!!!! (Rags, you know I can’t let a day go by without some form of abuse.)

      Cahill in particular was excellent. And Peter Cech his usual world-class self while under constant pressure.

      1. Marc, we gave you the title last year despite your billion dollar spend, this year you will NOT be so lucky. Enjoy second or third place!!!

  24. Don’t have too many complaints as Citeh did what they had to do for the win. My Chelsea were tired and played tired and just wasn’t at the races today.

  25. Damn it… Gus Johnson will be commentating on the London derby next sunday huh…..

    This is just not right fox … Why are you being such dbags?

    Give Gus the week of… Maybe someone can sneeze on Gus so he catches a cold…

    Spurs Arsenal at the lane is always a big game… This season it’s bigger than usual and Gus will be commentating…it’s just not on…

    Meet up at the scumerates Gus… That’s we’re the game is…. The lack of people is normal for a Farcenal home game Gus…. Just go to the gantry and wait… Trust that with a few seconds to go players will appear.. Just stay there… They will appear…

    [panicis setting in about this]

    Fox you have to give Gus this coming weekend off, he’s a little embarrassed to ask you himself. It’s a personal issue he doesn’t want to go into details… He just wants you to respect his wishes and allow him time off.

    So to recap.. Do not send a car for him, he has also asked me to tell you anyone should ignore any calls from him, he isnt allowed to make calls,so anytime you see his number, just ignore it..Do not answer… Wait..whats that Gus? Ok Il ask… Gus has asked if you could purchase a ticket for him to go from heathrow to wellington, New Zealand, he only needs a one way ticket, he’s not fussed what class, the sooner the better. It’s an emergency..thing.. Quickly.. Do it

    Fox seriously… Gus isn’t joking.. He has decided he needs to take his talents to New Zealand so he can liven up sheep dog trials after watching a repeat of “one man and his dog”. He feels its an emerging sport and could use the Gus magic… So please do not expect Gus at the lane as he explores his potential finding the next “babe” moment.

  26. From the little I saw today it looked like a good performance by city. I guess that gutless performance against Southampton didn’t have any long term effects on the team. Next couple of games are must wins for city going into the Darby.

    Speaking of the Manchester derby has it officially been put back until the Monday or is just if UTD advance against Madrid?

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