Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 27: Open Thread

Six Premier League matches are on deck today beginning with Fulham against Stoke City (7:45am ET on ESPN2 for viewers in the United States).

There’s no late kick-off today, so we have five matches at 10am ET/3pm UK time. Take your pick from QPR against Manchester United, Arsenal versus Aston Villa, West Brom against Sunderland, Reading versus Wigan or Norwich v Everton. Which match(es) will you be watching?

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation with soccer fans from around the world.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

61 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 27: Open Thread”

  1. Cmon! You lot should be up early for this, drag yourselves out of bed – even the lazy ones on the west coast.

    Guy, you should be chuffed today – Fulham vs Stoke then Engalnd vs France. 2 rugby matches to watch on a Saturday, get in.

    As ever our away record is poor, though we should take quite a following today, £5 to get in the nuetral stand (the Tarquins and Henrys are very inviting even if you aren’t sporting their preppy look) and £15 return on the train down there. £20 plus your beer money cracking price for an away day.

    A boring draw will do me. I’ll be interested to see if Shea makes the bench, he’s been playing a lot of behind closed doors matches with the other fringe players over the past few weeks.

  2. Predictions:

    Fulham 2 – Stoke 1
    QPR 0 – Man U 2
    Arsenal 4 – A. Villa 1
    West Brom 1 – Sunderland 1
    Reading 2 – Wigan 2
    Norwich 1 – Everton 1

  3. Stoke in the spotlight match! Locked and loaded. I’m sure the west coast contingent, as well as the rest of the football world, is zeroed in on this one.

    It would be nice to see Stoke go out and actually try to take three points in an away match.

    Unfortunately, TP’s idea of a good away win is a 0-0 draw. Still, strange things happen, so we’ll just sit and watch and hope for the best.

    Stoke haters, prepare your slings and arrows. My tin hat is on and I am ready! 😉

    1. And now he has been punched in the face by Nzonzi. That was as clear a red card as Luiz against Brentford last week but he only got a yellow.

      Shea on 25th minute…

      1. s’okay, felliani proved it 3 times. (Nzonzi is a very dirty player though IMHO, plenty of bookings for Blackburn nevermind Stoke).

  4. Shea might be a little overwhelmed seems to good for the first fake.not sure about Cameron that far forward.go Stoke beat the Londoners.

  5. Is Stoke City now America’s Premier League team? With Shea playing today, there are more first team Americans on Stoke City than any other Premier League side.

    The Gaffer

    1. This game is the ESPN game of the week in the U.S. I figured it was either because of the Americans on Stoke or because ESPN thinks Dempsey (or maybe McBride) still plays for Fulham.

  6. Brek Shea should have done better on the defending leading towards Fulham’s goal. Should have been closer to the Fulham player, and should have made a better attempt to close him down and block the cross.

    The Gaffer

      1. I take it, it’s a bit of a stunner? I was hoping he’d be as anonymous as he was at the Britannia.

        I’m not watching as I’m finishing off my last assignment for this year of my studies, I’ve got a week and a half with no extension time. Being a Stoke away game it’s no great sacrifice. It was eiher miss this or the Rugby and I know which will be more entertaining. Is it on BBC America Guy?

        Just signed up for a Youview Box over here to replace my BT Vison box in time for the new season. There’s a story this morning saying that BT are in talks to take over the ESPN UK operation from Disney, giving them a ready made platform to work from. Rumour is Rebecca Lowe may be coming across to you lot though, her fella was Luton Town manager but he quit for personal reasons this week.

  7. Love that Fulham are playing “London Calling” by The Clash right before the second half kick-off.

    Those are the things we usually miss when watching a game on FOX Soccer where the talking heads drop us in to the match commentary one second before kick-off.

    The Gaffer

    1. Farcenal came out to House of Pain “jump around”, I didn’t know you could play music in a library let alone “jump around”, House of Pain indeed if your a farcenal fan. HA!

      1. The most threatening we’ve looked this season was when he had Crouch, Jones, Walters and Jerome all on the pitch against Southampton. That was a freak lineup forced on him by the fact that the crowd would have torn him a new arsehole for losing that match. Coming back from 3-1 down with 10 men playing those 4 too. Surely something like that couldn’t be any worse than the dross he serves up at a typical away match. To be honest I’ve stopped travelling to away matches because of my studies, however when I finish them in a couple of weeks I will not be looking at the away fixtures. I’ve better things to spend my money on than having the piss taken out of me by Tony Pulis.

  8. Unfortunately, today’s result won’t convince Tony that anything needs to be changed. He’ll see it as just one poor header away from an away “win”.

  9. Why would Tony Pulis stop Begovic from coming up for the corner with just 30 seconds to go in the match? What’s there to lose at that point in the match? Silly decision by Pulis.

    The Gaffer

  10. Next manager to leave post odds:

    AVB 66-1
    Fergie 66-1
    Pulis 66-1

    Nothing will change soon. I hope we’re after Stuart Lancaster if we do look to move Pulis on.

  11. Sorry to see the stoke result today… Perhaps it ‘s time for pull is to move on… Stoke have established themselves in prem, which is a difficult thing to do.

    I’m not sure who you would want? An established prem manager or someone that has potential that hasn’t been given the chance? Like Atkins?

    Unlucky with the penalty too!

  12. My pet peeve again. QPR defender turns his back on Giggs and starts waving at the asst. ref. I don’t know if he could have affected Giggs’s shot, but he didn’t even try.

    1. I’m pretty sure it was Hill. He was the one playing Giggs on. He was looking right at him and could see Giggs wasn’t off yet he put up his hand and appealed to the assistant for offside. Terrible.

  13. What a comeback by Norwich to beat Everton. Everton maybe thinking about the FA Cup which they should get to the semi-final stage. I’m sure they fancy their chances against Oldham at home in the replay and Wigan at home should they beat Oldham. They should be worried that their form has taken a dip recently. Still it’s theirs for the taking.

    Arsenal had to battle to get 3 points against Aston Villa. You’ve got to feel for Villa as they might just be relegated if they don’t start picking up points soon.

    Reading lost badly to fellow relegation battlers Wigan and this will give Wigan hope of surviving once again.

    1. Canaries are going to enjoy Mr Kamara -what a performance for the former SKC player- great energy -all over the ball from the moment he enerted-marvelous header-

  14. Looks like even Roberto Mancini will have to declare the race at the top of the table over if Chelsea and City draw tomorrow.

    That should be a very interesting game, but I think the Londoners will pull out the win. City just doesn’t seem to be showing the same heart this year as they did last.

    1. I’m not surprised at all. He hasn’t announced any matches this weekend. I am, however, looking forward to the next Gus Johnson WHINE article which I expect to be posted just after he butchers his next match.

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