Mancini Swears When Asked About the Speculation Over His Future at the Etihad Stadium: The Daily EPL

Roberto Mancini flew off the handle this morning in his Manchester City press conference after being asked about his future as manager at the club.

Here’s what Mancini said:

“F*cking hell, I can not continue to answer these questions every week. We still have two months to go. Then you get clarity. But I can not keep going. This is normal for you, it is your job. No worries. But I can not continue to respond to the name of the manager and the next one and then another. Besides, I understand this either. Why Manchester City coach of change? What since the reasons for that?”

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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5 thoughts on “Mancini Swears When Asked About the Speculation Over His Future at the Etihad Stadium: The Daily EPL”

      1. For sure, but I think a lot of the press talk just to hear themselves and are annoyingly repetitious. I’d be about like Bobby Valentine.:-)

  1. Whatever one’s opinion is of Bob, it just astounds me that for some reason people want to fire the man every time the club puts in 10 minutes of subpar play. This becomes reflected in the incessant and utterly inane questions of UK journos. A cohort who rank in credibility terms somewhere beneath your average operator of a truck stop meth-dealing outfit.

    Since when did the Roman Abramovich model of “NKVD bullet to the back of the head at first setback” become the expected protocol for dealing with managers?

    Get some perspective, you idiots. And I direct that at a lot of the “new shirt” City fans who can’t seem to process that a 2nd place finish this season would be the 2nd highest league position for the club since ’76-77.

    Also, you people do know the rags are on pace for something like the 2nd highest point total in League history? Do you? Because there isn’t a damned lot one can do to catch a lot like that. Oh, but Samir Nasri hid behind the wall when Rohypnol van Strauss-Kahn took that free kick in extra time. Totally Mancini’s fault! Mancini out!

    Give me a break. I think I’m even more irritated at this than Mancini is and I’m just some dude that for now is plenty happy he’s not Mark Hughes or (good f&^%$# christ) Stuart Pearce or even Keegan.

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