Friday Football Special (FFS): The Week In Football, Humourously

The Premier League is all sewn up… so you may as well have a laugh. FFS brings you footballing funnies and comment about the English Premier League. Time to scream and shout until your lungs burn for a team of nobs who probably don’t give a toss.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Football Special (FFS): The Week In Football, Humourously”

  1. I actually thought it was pretty good. I remember S1TV when it first started and it wasn’t what it eventually turned into. It took a season to become a ‘much watch’. I’ve watched three of these now – I don’t think they’ve done any more – and they’re getting better. I loved S1TV (and it is missed), but as was said a few weeks ago – it’s never coming back. Might as well get behind a show who is trying to come close. I’m looking forward to the next one.

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