Lyon vs Spurs, Metalist vs Newcastle, Chelsea vs Prague & Liverpool vs Zenit: Europa League Open Thread

Today’s a massive day for Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and, to a lesser degree, Newcastle United as all four Premier League teams play the second leg of their Round of 32 tie in the Europa League.

The first two matches to kick off today are Lyon versus Spurs and Metalist against Newcastle United. Alan Pardew is focusing his resources on the Premier League, so the Toon will be fielding a slightly weaker line-up than usual today after their 0-0 first leg against Metalist.

Tottenham Hotspur are leading 2-1 on aggregate against Lyon, but will face a stern test against the French powerhouse. Hopefully none of the violence that happened overnight will spill in to the stadium today.

In the last two Europa League matches of the day involving Premier League matches, Liverpool takes on Zenit St Petersburg. The Reds lost the first leg 2-0 in Russia, and will face a difficult test to try to beat the Russian Premier League side. Chelsea, meanwhile, will take their 1-0 aggregate lead to Stamford Bridge where they’ll be playing in much warmer conditions that the freezing match in Prague last week. Frank Lampard and Branislav Ivanovic will be rested for today’s match.

Tottenham Hotspur starting XI: Friedel, Walker, Gallas, Vertonghen, Assou-Ekotto, Dembele, Parker, Lennon, Bale, Holtby, Adebayor

Newcastle United starting XI: Krul; Haïdara, Coloccini, Yanga-Mbiwa, Simpson; Marveaux, Cabaye, Anita, Sissoko; Cissé, Shola Ameobi.

The away goal rule will come into effect if the clubs are tied on aggregate after today’s matches. If the away goal count for both teams is the same, the clubs will play thirty minutes of extra time. The away goals rule is then applied at the end of extra time. If it’s still tied, the match will go to penalty kicks.

Before, during or after today’s Europa League matches, follow along with the conversations in the comments section below.

25 thoughts on “Lyon vs Spurs, Metalist vs Newcastle, Chelsea vs Prague & Liverpool vs Zenit: Europa League Open Thread”

  1. I hope chelsea and Liverpool wins, would be glad if they made it to the next round. And I’d love to see chelsea in the semis or the final like last year’s Champioin League.

  2. So, if Fox wants an American voice, why wouldn’t they just use today’s commentator, John Strong? A thousand times better than Gus.

    1. after hazard scored, with stamford bridge experiencing a chernobyl-sized meltdown of relief and joy, jp dellacamera comes out with

      ‘in both legs.. a substitute comes on.. and gets it done.’

      jesus wept.

    1. Not lucky.. Hard fought… Tactically AVB made great adjustments and attacked, Lyon made to choice to sit back after they scored ESP in the second half and they were difficult to break down.

      Statistically we dominated, we played with 10 men too as Adebyor doesn’t count.

      Good teams find a way to win, Lyon have an incredible European record.

      Man Utd have been the same, not playing well and getting results over 2 legs.

      Now we play millan.

      A shame maicon went to city!

      Not a great performance but over 2 legs we were better and we are thru!


      1. Adebayor was good in 2nd half his cross to Bale was perfect-Bale missed the shot. and later he made a nice pass to Dempsey who didn’t do well with it. His first half I agree he could have put more effort but there also wasn’t support.

        Player’s change from game to game and within games for lots of reasons,if you lock into a stereotype of a player months in advance you’re going to miss a lot of things

        1. I don’t lock into a stereo type of a player, playing one good ball isn’t good enough. He is the lone striker, his movement along the line is supposed to open up space and bring in the attacking midfielder in the hole or a winger. But his movement was terrible, his movement was more akin to a subutteo figure.

          I do not use player stereo types I take each game as they come but when a players displays are consistently poor it is what it is.

          I don’t do popular opinion unless I think it’s valid… Like my opinion of freezal and his ability to keep a clean sheet, or how everyone was giving gallas grief when I defended him at the start of the season…

          I think you have more of an issue with what my opinions are than I do with adebyor. He was horrible this evening and last week at the lane…

          I think you are missing quite a lot in the games… But that’s your deal.

          1. no you don’t you constantly applaud your favorites and riducule the players you don’t like despite all evidence. I do have issue with your constant superior tone that you are an expert on the game (Coach?) when some of your comments are frankly show the opposite- your ridicule of other teams is also demeaning and embarrassing to other Tottenham fans.

            Adebayor’s movement in the 2nd half was much improved but you had already made up your mind.Friedals never had a good game in your estimation and every goal is strictly his fault. My favorite was you’re going on about Dempsey being lazy which was counter to his reputation as a player but good ole loud mouth Dust just keeps talking so it must be true

          2. LoL you have real issues… Go to a day spa… Enjoy cucumber on your eyelids, take away the apparent stress that rules your day.

            The above paragraph is me being superior yet dismissive… Ha! You should visit theboyhotspur blog, be carefull you may explode, as its a vinbrant community with differing opinion amongst which you will find people saying demspey is lazy…as is adebyor…..

            say it isnt so!

            I love my club and unfortunately that isn’t going to change, even when Dempsey and Ade are long gone.

            I find you an embarrassment to spurs fans… LoL.. I don’t think of you at all, I see you comment on my posts and it is fun to respond…that’s pretty much it as any attempt at reasoned debate is met with aggression.

            So much pent up aggression… I’m flattered you have favorite comments of mine.

            However, I do not think I’m the only spurs fan that thinks Dempsey is lazy…

            I do coach and am in the proccess of getting another badge! Shock horror… More knowledge… That can’t be good… I should not bother and just throw personal insults like you?

            What will you do when you read back posts when I praise Dempsey for his performance ?

            I suggest moving on and enjoying life, it is far to short, just avoid getting a pet.

    1. Tottenham will play Inter Milan in the next round of the Europa League. Who said the Europa League was boring?!

      The Gaffer

  3. Whew ! After that display I don’t think Chelsea supporters should think that we’ll be in the final no problem. Hard to catch Europa League fever in any case.

    1. Your lot should’ve won 3/4 nil, It was a great goal by hazard, I was hoping for you to at least go to extra time before winning so they are more tired… If only wishing made it so!

      A draw between u and citeh would be great… can you take care of that?

  4. Substitutions at the wrong time by Rodgers was part of why Liverpool were dumped by Zenit.

    Liverpool’s season is over. Not sure if they’ll even make top 6. So Liverpool fired Daglish and hired someone worse than him. Way to go FSG!

    1. We’re playing the kind of football that will pay dividends in the future. Missing a few key pieces this season but most LFC fans, while lamenting the inconsistency, do acknowledge that the football is better and the prospects for making top four next season are better than they would have been under KD. It really does depend on how committed FSG are to continuing the progress.

      1. Liverpool started the season playing possession football with a lot of short passes and were not getting the results so now they have been playing more direct football, a lot like they were under Daglish. I don’t see much difference in the way Liverpool are presently playing to what they were like under Daglish. Last season people were saying the football was great to watch but the results were poor. Very similar to this season.

        Let’s see where Liverpool end the season then we’ll know if Rodgers has improved the club or not.

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