FOX Soccer’s Real Madrid-Manchester United Broadcast Nets 451K Viewers

FOX Soccer’s live broadcast of Real Madrid against Manchester United had a viewing audience of 451,000 in the United States, according to Nielsen.

The broadcast was the most-watched weekday afternoon telecast in FOX Soccer’s history. The game had a larger viewing audience than the Chelsea-Barcelona semi-final last year that had 425,000 viewers.

Interestingly, FOX Deportes attracted 696,000 viewers for the Real Madrid-Manchester United match.

FOXSoccer 2Go, meanwhile, had its busiest day in the history of the service with 21,345 streams as well as 12,085 on-demand views. According to FOX, FOX Soccer 2Go also enrolled 5,144 new users — the most ever in a single day.

7 thoughts on “FOX Soccer’s Real Madrid-Manchester United Broadcast Nets 451K Viewers”

  1. I know being on Fox Soccer doesn’t help the rating, but the 7AM kickoffs for the World Cup got twice as many English speaking viewers. Even a matchup like New Zealand-Slovakia broke 1 million viewers. Maybe I was being too optimistic though.

    1. The World Cup is on ESPN, while this game was on Fox Soccer which isn’t as widely available to the masses. Combined with the Deportes viewership, the match hit over 1.1 million viewers.

  2. Matt you do realise that these games are at 3pm on a weekday when most people are at work right? 1 million total is a brilliant number. Hope they don’t attribute any to Gus Johnson lmao!!

  3. FoxSoccer2Go numbers were up? I know that I had the option of watching the match live on Fox Soccer with Gus Johnson commentating or watching the match on FoxSoccer2Go with Tyler and Neville commentating. I chose FoxSoccer2Go.

  4. There were easily 500 people at Legends in NYC watching this match. I wonder how networks measure this in reporting their numbers.

  5. I think the F2G numbers were biased by their promotion trial during the week of the game… Sign up now and get 1 week free….

    I am not that impressed by FSC numbers. Year-to-year growth is embarrassing imo. United – RM should have smashed records regardless of R16 vs. Semi from last year.

    I am so sad that FSC got the rights for World Cup…

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