David Gill is to Step Down as Manchester United Chief Executive After 16 Years at Club: The Daily EPL

Manchester United chief executive David Gill is going to step down from his post this summer after 16 years at United. Gill will remain a director of the club, but his focus will soon concentrate on his recent position of vice chairman of the FA. Plus, he’s been nominated as a candidate in May’s Uefa executive committee elections.

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14 thoughts on “David Gill is to Step Down as Manchester United Chief Executive After 16 Years at Club: The Daily EPL”

  1. Is this Utd’s “David Dean moment?” We will see over the next 3 seasons esp as SAF retires. Next couple of years could see recent underdogs in there respective cities man city & spurs changing places with Farcenal & Utd….stranger things have happened but that looks like the form trend… 5 yrs from now landscape could be very different.

    1. Are you a complete jackass? Spurs overtaking Utd wen Saf retires my ass. Biggest club in england can surely attract world class managers wen Saf retires. We have a far better team team than spurs and 3 years from now we will still have a much better team than spurs. Id take jones over caulker anyday. Better youth system than spurs too. If RM come calling are u sure avb wudnt go? When you have trouble keeping keeping your own damn players and staff dont say that you will finish above us. City are just a classless club trying to copy barcelona and steal their youth players just shows you how low they will go for success.

    2. You on the drink early today dust? While I can see Spurs passing Arsenal in the next 1-2 seasons City are headed in the wrong direction and once Mancini goes they will just be another Chelski FC.

      Man Utd and spurs will be the two main teams by this time next season.

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