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FA Cup Fifth Round Saturday: Open Thread

oldham fans 600x448 FA Cup Fifth Round Saturday: Open Thread

The FA Cup tournament is back. This time it’s the fifth round, which should be filled with plenty of drama today for very different reasons.

Kicking off the proceedings is the early match between Luton Town and Millwall. After the horrendous acts of hooliganism that happened in 1985 when rival fans clashed on the pitch, in the stands and on the streets, let’s hope that the 300 policeman in attendance will be able to keep the trouble to a minimum.

Following the match from Luton will be Arsenal at home against Blackburn Rovers. The Gunners will play Thomas Vermaelen in this one, to give him some match experience before next week’s Champions League match versus Bayern Munich. So there certainly is an opportunity for Rovers under manager Michael Appleton to catch Arsenal off guard.

MK Dons against Barnsley will be available on FOX Soccer 2Go for viewers in the United States. But the last match of the day is Oldham Athletic against Everton. Oldham will be hoping to do the Merseyside double after defeating Liverpool in the last round.

Here’s the TV and Internet guide for today’s matches for those of you living in the United States.

Before, during or after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

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55 Responses to FA Cup Fifth Round Saturday: Open Thread

  1. Marc L says:

    Oh good lord, Luton v Millwall. “Old Bill” in the corner has to step back from his filming of the away support to give some room for the Luton guy to take a corner.

    One imagines there are more than a few Stone Island jackets in that group – even in 2013.

    Just love these Cup matches, especially when lower level clubs make it deep in like this.

  2. The Gaffer says:

    Kenilworth Road looks like it hasn’t changed since the 70s.

    The Gaffer

    • Cantona says:

      As a season ticket holder from 77-85 yes.. It’s the same.. It’s like match of the day Miss my and my dads oak road end seats.. Fantastic ground!!


  3. Marc L says:

    Millwall into the next round. Oh boy. But I do kind of want to see a Cup game televised from the Den, as one would imagine that would be quite the interesting atmosphere.

    Now let’s go Rovers! Because, well, obviously. And let’s go Barnsley! Destroy the Franchise scum!

  4. jtm371 says:

    a little off topic from last you with your experience in English football could suggest David jacka$$ Platt to replace Moyes is absurd.what he did at Forest was obscene.i will give you a mulligan on that post.Platt still rubs Forest fans a little raw.

  5. Mufc77 says:

    Who’s the commentators in the Le Arse v Blackburn game?

  6. Marc L says:

    Well now just a slamming atmosphere at the Emirates. I must admit the singing voice on that one female Arse supporter that you keep hearing is actually quite lovely.

    What the hell, Arse? Liven up. Not like you have any other trophy prospects this year. Last time I saw a crowd this dead the match was being played at the Etih – errr, never mind.

  7. gargoyle says:

    God FSC sucks.

  8. brn442 says:

    Gervinho is a wonderful athlete but at best – an average footballer.

    The man has no footballing awareness and poor finishing technique.

    He has done nothing in an Arsenal shirt. Wenger should’ve taken him off twice.

  9. Todd says:

    Ooof. Not looking good for the Arsenal. They have certainly dominated, but that doesn’t mean much now. Still plenty of time left I suppose.

    Maybe that’s the kick up the backside that they need to actually do something.

  10. Matt says:

    And people complain about international breaks? This might be worse….

  11. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Ha ha. Arsene Whinger doing the chicken dance on the touchline in honour of the Venkys.

  12. Henry says:

    Wow! What a win by Blackburn. I think this could be Wenger’s last season with Arsenal. Cannot see them win the CL so it will be another year without a trophy and they might not finish in the top 4 either.

  13. Dust says:

    LMFAO @ Farcenal can’t beat Blackburn but no worries Byern Munich are next it’s not like they are very good… Ohh wait…. Only conceded 7 goals all season.

    No spurs today… But still a great football day

    Wenger in! Keep him there!

  14. brn442 says:

    League tables do not lie.

    This Arsenal squad is suppose to compete with the likes on Manchester United? Really?

    Wengerism, in a post-Bosman football world, has reached its limits.

    How long before Wilshire joins

    Van Persie

    and anyone who wants to win – out of North London?

  15. IanCransonsKnees says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how Jose Baxter performs against Everton. He’ll really want to turn it on.

  16. Mufc77 says:

    Where is Rob Stone today, did FSC finally do the right thing and dump his a$$?

    And who is this in studios with Barton and Wynalda?

  17. Mufc77 says:

    Great atmosphere at goodison park today.

  18. Mufc77 says:

    Fantastic pass for the oldham goal. Split two defenders AND completely took the keeper out the game. If A Barca player made that pass they be saying he’s word class.

  19. dust says:

    ok…phew….I just now stopped laughing…ok.. calm down…just realized there was another game on…ok..phew…oh it comes again! ….lmao @farcenal..oohh

    • Mufc77 says:

      Like I said the other day if spurs are able to take that next step in the off season they could easily be our biggest challenger next season.

      Chelsea have zero stability and if City dump Mancini in the off season they will be rebuilding 1 season after winning the league. Arsenal will continue to fail until they start to spend.

      • dust says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mourinho join Farcenal in the summer.

        I hope we are challenging you next season.. I think spurs qualifying for UCL will give us what we need to attract more players. this lad from porto Jackson Martínez :-) would be a great addition in the summer.

        exciting stuff ahead me thinks! ;)

  20. Henry says:

    Everton learned from Liverpool’s mistake and have fielded their strongest side against Oldham.

    Everton will get scoring chances and with the quality they have should score enough to win. Oldham are holding their own so far though.

  21. Mufc77 says:

    Hearing Eric Wynalda saying the words “well done son” makes me cringe.

  22. IanCransonsKnees says:

    GTFI – What it’s all about. Stuff the primadonnas.

    Matt Smith playing for Manchester Univerity 2 years ago, now scoring against Everton and Liverpool.

  23. The Gaffer says:

    Looks like Tim Howard refused to shake the hand of the Oldham goalkeeper at the end of the match as they were walking off the pitch.

    What an ending to the game.

    The Gaffer

    • Todd says:

      I’ve tried watching the replay of that goal several times and even with FSC’s “HD” it’s nearly impossible to tell if Oldham’s keeper elbowed it in or if Smith headed it in. I would be very interested to see a better replay, perhaps a Sky Sports Gary Neville follow up.

      • The Gaffer says:

        It looked like handball to me, but like you, I need to see a better angle. Just goes to show what a tough job it is for referees.

        The Gaffer

  24. Henry says:

    FA Cup magic strikes again. What an ending to Oldham vs Everton game. Don’t know if the Oldham goalkeeper handled the ball before Smith headed in the goal. They didn’t show enough replays.

    Everton will be kicking themselves for allowing a goal in the last moments of the game. They should win the replay at Goodison Park. Great result for Oldham who will receive more gate money from the replay.

  25. dust says:

    this result doesn’t make Moyes look very good to his potential future employers in my opinion, a full strength team, getting a draw against oldham cup tie or not, it’s not a good result.

  26. Smokey Bacon says:

    So the Lions made it out the land that time forgot and safely into the quarter finals. Torn between a tasty home tie against Chelsea and getting Barnsley away. The latter might get us back to Wembley though. Roll on the draw tomorrow.

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