Should Gareth Bale Leave or Stay at Tottenham Hotspur This Summer?

Whether Gareth Bale scored those two beautiful free kicks yesterday against Lyon or not, there would have still been plenty of speculation that the Welshman would be the subject of transfer rumors this summer. Those two goals — and the fact that he’s scored Tottenham’s last six goals — just added to the hype. Deservedly so, in my opinion.

The question for Tottenham Hotspur’s owners (and supporters) is whether Gareth Bale should be sold for a king’s ransom this summer, or whether the White Hart Lane executives can convince Bale to stay the club. It’s absolutely imperative that Spurs must qualify for the Champions League by finishing in the top four this season. Anything less and you may as well help Bale pack his bags. But if Spurs do qualify for the UEFA Champions League, the dilemma for Tottenham and Bale will be whether the 23-year-old midfielder should stay in north London or not.

Bigger clubs than Tottenham can tease Bale with the story that he’ll be able to win more with them and that Bale will be able to accomplish greater things, make more money from sponsorship deals (and wages) and win some of the biggest trophies in the world. That’s something that Tottenham Hotspur can’t compete with — at least, not yet. But if/when Bale decides to leave, it’ll make it even harder for the north London club to move into the next echelon of the top clubs in the world.

If Bale stayed at Spurs and they played in the UEFA Champions League next summer, the Welshman would be sacrificing part of his future to aid his club. Tottenham could climb up the ladder and step closer to winning a Premier League title or progressing far in the UEFA Champions League, but he wouldn’t have the opportunity to achieve what he could do at Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester United.

I believe it all comes down to one man — Gareth Bale. His desires and his dreams are what will eventually determine the outcome. The only person who knows the answers to that is Bale himself.

I would love to see Bale stay at Tottenham and to push this side on to greater things. But it’s not as if Bale is a lifelong Tottenham supporter. He supported Arsenal as a teenager, and began his career at Southampton. He owes Tottenham Hotspur nothing except for giving him the opportunity to work hard for a place on the team.

If you were Gareth Bale, what would you do? Do you blame him if he wants to move to Spain this summer? Or do you think he should build something special at Tottenham Hotspur, but that it may take years to achieve it?

28 thoughts on “Should Gareth Bale Leave or Stay at Tottenham Hotspur This Summer?”

  1. I’d love to see him stay, but it’s hard to see how Spurs can say “no” if Real Madrid offers them some outrageous sum of money.

    On the other hand, so few British players leave for other leagues, that it would be nice to see him try it. He’s still young enough that he could come back after a few years in Spain.

  2. I think he will stay. I think he enjoys playing for Spurs, enjoyes his teamates, and perhaps most importantly enjoys playing under AVB. AVB has gotten the best play out of Bale in his career and seems to be catering the team around him. I think as long as Bale and AVB get along and are productive, Bale will stay with the best coach he has had the provelage to play under. I definitely don’t see him going to Spain. I think a move to Barca might not be bad. But I think a move to RM could really HURT his career. I think he knows this also.

  3. I’m an Arsenal fan, but hope Bale stays at Spurs. I don’t want to live in a world where every top player just goes to Barcelona, Madrid, United or City…how dreadfully boring.

  4. This man needs to compete for a UCL championship, so he needs to go to either Manchester club, Bayern, Real, or Barça.

    As a Barça supporter, I’d love to see him in blaugrana, but unfortunately, I don’t think he suits the style, as he’s great at crossing and counter-attacking football. Barça do neither of those.

      1. The article talks of moving to ‘bigger’ clubs to achieve greater things? In reality these clubs will always get into the Champs league so where is the achievement. To me it would be a far greater ‘achievement’ being part of the transition of a smaller club that moves into this higher bracket by having players want to stay out of loyalty and professional pride.

  5. If he’s planning on going to Spain he could do with learning how to use his right foot or he will be exposed very easily.

    Providing spurs get CL football there is no reason for him to leave right now, he’s still young enough to play another season in the BPL then go abroad for a couple season and return back to the BPL in his late 20s.

    I find it funny that people say he’s in the same class as messi and Ronaldo, when he can do it every week like those two can then he might make it into that discussion. Right now he’s fill of confidence and playing well so hopefully it continues until the end of the season.

  6. Bale’s stock will likely never be higher. Both for his sake and the club’s I think he should move this summer. He has his pick (virtually) of club to play for and Spurs will get rockstar money in return. They are better with Bale than without but if they sell early in the window and have a solid plan on how to use the money they get they can easily put themselves in a strong position for next season.

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure about him just walking into either Real Madrid or Barcelona’s starting 11.

      As for the EPL the only step up he could make would be to UTD and we don’t need him unless he’s going to at left back. Between Nani, Young and Zahz we are well covered on the left hand side.

      Chelsea wouldn’t be a step up for him With all the drama they have going on each season and who knows what’s going to happen at City now they aren’t able to spend silly money every transfer window.

      Most Important thing for him is to continue to play every game and the one place he’s guaranteed that right now is spurs.

        1. On his day nani is just as good as Bale, the problem is his day doesn’t come around much anymore.

          I’m curious mow what Bales goals and assists stats look like against the top 6 teams in the league over say the last 3 seasons. Has he been doing it consistently against the big teams or is it just the table teams where he really stands out on a regular basis.

          1. Bale has 2 goals in 4 games against top 6 sides this season. Spurs took 4 points off United and he played big roles in both of those games. I don’t know what his numbers are going back a few seasons, but that is kind of my point. The buzz about him right now will fetch a very high fee.

          2. hah good joke Nani is just as good as Bale, that makes me about as good as Stewart Downing. Nani will never be half of the player Bale is and neither will young.

  7. Hard to see Spurs not wanting the money. Few players think in today’s game how important it would be stay at one club, especially a London club.

  8. Bale will stay at spurs, it’s important for many reasons, but I don’t see him going for a couple of seasons. The money would have to be ludicrous for him to leave before the new stadium is completed. I think Bale has bought into the vision of the club and wants to be apart of that…. Sure cynics will say its all about money, but I don’t think HE is all about money. He will enjoy the plaudits want a raise even, and so he should, but all reports suggest he is a grounded individual that models himself on Giggs.

    He has stated piblocally many times that his football idol is Ryan Giggs, I hope he wants to be like Ryan and be a part of something special and stay at one club? If wishing only made it so I guess and only time will tell.

    He still has a lot of growth and I think he sees avb and the coaching team can help that, they have worked with some pretty special players at the clubs they have been at.

    we all know that the summer will be key for us to add more depth as we go into the champions league. Yes I said it, I feel very confident we will finish in an automatic qualification position either 3rd or 2nd… What will help is Man city and CFC winning to add games to their schedule and also keep their managers in position too. A CFC man city final would be great with Farcenal being knocked out in the semis by either one.

    He just signed a new deal in the summer, I wouldn’t put it passed levy to sign him up again this summer with more money per week. keeping a player like bale on a percieved crazy wage wouldn’t be that crazy considering the bigger picture, bigger showreel players attract other players, leading to more success on the field and then commercially.

    Yes we haven’t of won a major trophy in a while, (only the league cup but still more recently than farcenal) the uefa cup, FA Cup, BPL or UCL are all goals for Spurs, some this season and some next… People are not use to us contending for the league or winning major trophies so the pelters will continue until that changes, but it will, and Bale IMO wants to be a part of that…

  9. You know, I would think players would like the idea of taking the club that they’ve been at into new competitive territory like Title races and CL football. I’m a Spurs fan so clearly my ideals are different but I’d rather be a Legend than sign for a team that wins already wins without me and my role to play in that winning is significantly less (Luka Modric!). But, i dint think many players think like that $$$. Spurs have a roster that is as good as any of the other PL teams (minus a world class striker). Bale will stick with Spurs if the other players wake up (one man team right now) and get CL. No player wants to play on a team where your being frustrated by the lack of support on the pitch.

    CL will keep Bale this season.

    Signing a world class striker and showing some intent will keep Bale even longer.

  10. Bale should definitely stay at Spurs. Really it would not be a mistake not to, look at Luka Modric. He was rated as the worst signing of the summer transfer window, despite the fact that he was supposedly going to be a hit in Spain. Better Bale stays at Spurs, then his legacy will be far greater than one of the many who join manu/real/barce. Look at LeTissier, he’s a club legend for Southampton. That’s what Bale should want to be and I hope he has the common sense and pride to stay at Spurs.

  11. I think he’ll leave if Spurs don’t get into the CL next season. Spurs will receive at least a few good offers and they will accept.

    If Spurs get into the CL then I think he’ll stay as Spurs will spend and bring in a few quality players which will please Bale.

  12. Next year, Robben may move on from Bayern and leave a nice Gareth Bale sized hole behind him. Especially if Guardiola wants to make a statement signing early in the transfer window.

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