David Moyes Says He Will Not Decide Everton Future Until the Summer: The Nightly EPL

David Moyes’ contract with Everton runs out this summer, but the Scot hasn’t decided to make a decision on his future at Goodison Park until after this season. For Everton supporters, this should be a worrying sign that the man who has helped the club punch above its weight for so long may soon leave.

I honestly can’t see Moyes staying at Everton after this season unless there’s no job available. It’s time for him to take the next step up in his career, whether it’s on the continent or with a bigger club in the Premier League.

If he does leave, which club would you like to see him manage?

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9 thoughts on “David Moyes Says He Will Not Decide Everton Future Until the Summer: The Nightly EPL”

  1. If Moyes leaves who would replace him? Laudrup? Lennon? Clarke? Bergkamp? Platt? Redknapp? Who replaces him is far more interesting than where he goes.

  2. Platt as manager? I’m sure jtm871 can explain to all the Premier League only aficionados why that shouldn’t happen.

  3. D Moyes is most underrated Gaffer in football.what he has done with limited funds in this era of monopoly money contracts is amazing.I don’t care if he has no CL experience MUFC would be wise to have him replace SAF.

    1. I totally disagree. Just because he managed to keep Everton relevant for the last 10 years doesn’t mean he will be a success with a bigger club with money.

      Managing Everton and a club the size if Utd are two totally different things. Just because he can find a bargain for a club like Everton doesn’t mean he can find and attract players who can compete for the league and CL every season at a club like UTD.

      Just look at Brendan Rodgers and the players he’s brought in at Liverpool. He was being touted as a genius for his footballing philosophy yet His first instinct was to go back to Swansea for a players he’s familiar with. can anyone really see Joe Allan and Boroni as players who can get them back into the top 4 on a regular basis.

      I like Moyes but he needs to get out of his comfort zone at Everton and prove he can manage a bigger club before he can expect to be offered the utd job. Celtic were interested a couple years ago and that would have provided him with vital CL league experience that he would need to to manage UTD.

      I hope he does leave at some point but when he does I fear for Everton in the BPL.

  4. Moyes fancies managing in Germany. So if he does leave the EPL then that’s where he’ll go.

    If Ferguson retires at the end of the season Moyes might be a strong contender at United.

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