Announcing Beat The Manager’s Latest iPad Mini Winner; Plus Special Update for Liverpool & Swans Players

The results are in for Beat The Manager, and we now know who the lucky winner is of a brand-new Apple iPad Mini for having the highest score after gameweek 18.

But we have three important announcements before we announce the winner.

First, thanks to Adam Heap (pictured) for sending us a photo of him with his iPad Mini he won after winning gameweek 12 of Beat The Manager. Adam, who lives down under, received his new iPad a few weeks ago.

Second, if you’re a Liverpool or Swansea City supporter, be sure to get your Beat The Manager predictions in for this Sunday’s Premier League match. The deadline to play is this Sunday at 6:30am ET. Play now at Or, if you’ve never played before, register first at

Third, we’ll announce the winner of the Apple iPad Mini for the completion of gameweek 24 as soon as we get the updated leaderboard.

And last but not least, here’s the leaderboard after gameweek 18. Since Greg Pierko won the iPad after gameweek 6, the winner of a brand-new Apple iPad Mini after gameweek 18 is Andrew Pagano with 1112 points. Congratulations Andrew!

Don’t forget that the winners of the iPads so far are ineligible to win at the gameweek 24 and gameweek 30 points in the game, so even if you’re not in first place, you have a good chance of winning. The people who have won in gameweeks 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 will be eligible to win the last round at gameweek 38.

First Name Last Name Team Points
Greg Pierko Liverpool 1263
Andrew Pagano Chelsea 1112
Adam Heap Manchester City 1029
Dale Bailey Jr Manchester United 1022
Bart Ewing Tottenham Hotspur 977
Ahmed Yussuf Arsenal 927
Robert Hay Arsenal 865
Dustin George-Miller Tottenham Hotspur 811
Brett Abramowski Liverpool 732
Wan Ardiles Tottenham Hotspur 704
Erik Coulbourne Chelsea 663
David Weinstein Manchester City 623
Christopher Harris Swansea City 586
Bill Victor Chelsea 586
John Forhecz Chelsea 551
Stephen Roberts West Ham United 526
Brad Affeldt Everton 460
Dan Meichelbock Newcastle United 379
Morgan Green Chelsea 346
Chang Shim Chelsea 337
Dan Giacobbe Chelsea 316
Patrick Leinauer Liverpool 308
Alex Fairchild Liverpool 296
Patrick Hallenbeck Everton 270
Jeff Cronin Everton 266
russell ward Manchester City 252
Stephen Echefu Chelsea 235
Brian Mercury Liverpool 234
Odira Ahanonu Manchester United 221
Jean Pierre Rodriguez Chelsea 183
Jonathan Lee Aston Villa 180
todd shenk Manchester United 162
Andrew Beck Fulham 160
Ian Kerr Liverpool 160
Andrea Delgrosso Chelsea 158
Christopher Harris Swansea City 155
Matt Lyke Liverpool 154
omowaleola sodimu Chelsea 149
George Chinanu Chelsea 148
Ashley Perry Chelsea 145
Patrick O’Reilly Arsenal 144
Zach Mady Liverpool 144
Anshuman Bhuchar Chelsea 143
robert anke Arsenal 143
Espen Spangenburg Liverpool 141
Sohaib Qadir Tottenham Hotspur 141
John Diep Liverpool 139
Mike Gengras Liverpool 138
Aleksandar Bekerus Chelsea 137
Drew Pihlainen Newcastle United 136
opoku nancy Manchester City 136
Abhinn Kothari Chelsea 133
Andrew Krueger Manchester United 133
kendell eliason Everton 133
Kevin Williams Manchester United 132
Mike Vicars Tottenham Hotspur 131
Andrew Hennen Manchester United 130
Jarrod Dinwoodie Liverpool 129
Chris Wirtalla Newcastle United 128
dakota martinez Chelsea 125
Chris Mitchell Swansea City 124
Stephen Carlander Tottenham Hotspur 124
Ben Ruskin Manchester United 122
subha gupta Chelsea 119
Matt Covell Manchester City 119
Erik Olson Chelsea 117
nate Schultz Chelsea 117
Adam Vonende Chelsea 114
Cale Delalan Liverpool 113
Jason Paulios Everton 113
Tim Kretz Chelsea 112
levi mogaka Chelsea 111
Tom JJ Wood Chelsea 111
michael bruce Everton 109
Marcus Savino Arsenal 109
William Viti Everton 106
Braulio Hernandez Liverpool 104
Jonathan Hogue Everton 104
Stephen Kravetsky Arsenal 103
Forrest Bateman Manchester City 101
Michael Timpe Manchester United 101
Brett Lassus Arsenal 101
Ian Thompson Southampton 100
Jeremiah Ibara Manchester United 100
Shai Megiddo Manchester United 100
Dust Particle Tottenham Hotspur 99
Dmitry Voloshin Arsenal 97
Andy Ferris Tottenham Hotspur 96
jo jo Manchester United 96
opoku prince Chelsea 95
craig cooper Swansea City 94
duncan pope Liverpool 94
Nicholas Rosshirt Liverpool 94
Steve Phillips Manchester City 94
Cody Wetmore Arsenal 92
Pernel WIlliams Chelsea 92
Surendran Nanjan Liverpool 92
David Emberton Manchester United 91
Tedd Clauson Everton 91
Kartik Krishnaiyer Manchester City 89
Paul Sharman Liverpool 88
Gregory Moulsdale Arsenal 87
Ogundare Babatunde Chelsea 86
Benjamin Skvarca Liverpool 86
Michael Macdonald Manchester United 86
Matt Mariconi Chelsea 85
Curtis Shideler Chelsea 84
David Zachery Chelsea 84
dust particle Tottenham Hotspur 84
Ronan Quinn Newcastle United 83
Bruno Xavier Manchester United 81
kenneth Ahaneku Liverpool 81
Ryan Beck Manchester United 80
Alex Will Everton 78
samuel nazi Manchester United 78
bright gyimah Chelsea 77
Garth Mcpherson Arsenal 75
Jessy Caiado Chelsea 75
jonathan roell Arsenal 75
ADAM PERRY Arsenal 75
Dan Peters Liverpool 74
budi trisno Manchester United 72
Matthew Crighton Newcastle United 72
Amani Sadiki Chelsea 70
Paul Wheeler Chelsea 69
dan waugh Swansea City 64
Ye’ Naing Soe Manchester United 63
Marek Hala Liverpool 63
Russell Page Norwich City 63
Paul Merrill Manchester United 63
Alvin Ngo Manchester United 62
Conor Boyle Liverpool 62
Rahul Ranjan Chelsea 62
Jeremy Duncan Fulham 61
Tony Davies Everton 61
jason bardwell Manchester City 60
prince opoku Manchester United 60
niall quigley Liverpool 60
David Mason Tottenham Hotspur 59
ernest bassey Manchester United 59
Matt Liberato Tottenham Hotspur 59
Patrick hallenbeck Everton 59
oyelami ablola Chelsea 59
toby bunton Norwich City 58
ivan popov Southampton 58
Jack Mitchell Arsenal 57
Michael Mountford Stoke City 57
Daryl Dinho Arsenal 57
Colin Walker Newcastle United 56
David McBride Tottenham Hotspur 56
Kevin Thompson Chelsea 56
Matthew Blankenship Liverpool 56
Michael Scheider Tottenham Hotspur 56
ali terro Arsenal 55
arjan roghanchi Manchester City 55
Russell Humphries Aston Villa 55
Fabio Duarte Chelsea 55
Charles Fiegl Everton 55
Matt Jones Everton 55
D.Praveen Chandar Liverpool 55
Victoria Hendershot Liverpool 55
Nate Loakes Arsenal 55
Cody Schmidt Liverpool 55
Andy Ford Tottenham Hotspur 55
John Cain Liverpool 54
Martin Kingen Liverpool 54
Aman Dhaliwal Arsenal 54
Todd Graham Everton 54
Wady Zulkefli Arsenal 54
Victor ibanibo Chelsea 54
Lee McKenzie Manchester City 54
Micha Schmidt Tottenham Hotspur 53
Bibek Paudel Tottenham Hotspur 53
Carmello Chiara Tottenham Hotspur 53
Christopher Adams Liverpool 53
Nick Pomeroy Liverpool 53
waleed ahmed Liverpool 53
andrew appelhof Liverpool 52
Belamy Baermann Liverpool 52
chris brough Liverpool 52
Elliot Wright Manchester City 52
Jim Liesenfelt Manchester City 52
Jon Elison Arsenal 52
mamadu ba Manchester City 52
Matthew Duncan Sunderland 52
ritchie dodd Manchester United 52
Tony Hermans Arsenal 52
David Dreyer Manchester United 52
Doug Monson Liverpool 51
Garry Craske Tottenham Hotspur 51
Bryce Lackey Chelsea 51
Raees Naik Manchester United 51
Tomislav Tomic Manchester United 51
R Hare Liverpool 51
Saul Zamora Arsenal 51
Bradley Nicholls Liverpool 50
Pete Rossman Manchester City 50
Taylor Wilson Everton 50
Tim McManus Tottenham Hotspur 50
Afi-Aliuddin Yusoff Liverpool 49
Art Vino Arsenal 49
Asher Kloomok Arsenal 49
seng wui Liverpool 49
Dylan Newman Arsenal 49
Cedrick Olivier Liverpool 49
Cody Chapman Arsenal 49
ismawi m noor Newcastle United 49
Syakir farhan Arsenal 49
Scott Bennett Manchester United 49
Lucina Kotaiche Manchester United 49
Ali Hassan Manchester United 48
Bren Peters Manchester United 48
Brian Robertson Manchester United 48
Charlie Bidgood Manchester City 48
duncan jones Tottenham Hotspur 48
Gap Vercillo Manchester City 48
Luke Davis Manchester City 48
Greg Newman Chelsea 48
Todd Parker Arsenal 48
Drew Lightfoot Liverpool 48
Trevor Kennedy Tottenham Hotspur 48
AJ Travis Newcastle United 48
andrew dunn Liverpool 47
Sam Avery Liverpool 47
Bob Norris Manchester City 47
Dan Lott Arsenal 47
Danny Correia Arsenal 47
Gary Hunt Liverpool 47
ismail suha YILMAZ Tottenham Hotspur 47
Jesus Moreno Liverpool 47
Kale Nichols Manchester United 47
Dave Kennett Arsenal 47
Lance Martin Chelsea 47
Laurence McKenna Liverpool 47
Roberto Mora Manchester City 47
Stephen Magpie Manchester United 47
thomas macpherson Chelsea 47
Taylor Mucaria Arsenal 47
Tripp Matthews Liverpool 47
sam peter Chelsea 47
Danny Rosu Manchester United 47
paul Gichuri Chelsea 46
Mario C cordero Manchester United 46
Muhammad Shuaib Jazbhay Manchester United 46
j leder Tottenham Hotspur 46
Justin Kingen Liverpool 46
Kool Cat Manchester United 46
Kevin Zakszewski Arsenal 46
Matt Weyer Manchester United 46
Tarun Bhatia Manchester United 46
Abiola Akindolie Manchester United 46
Yash Mehta Manchester United 46
Dmitry Stewart Manchester United 46
James Crain Liverpool 46
Liban Kahie Manchester City 46
Harry Bra Monkey Arsenal 45
Curtis Cornwell Tottenham Hotspur 45
Dave Kennett Arsenal 45
marco wright Arsenal 45
zakaria achat Manchester City 45
Nick Webster Manchester City 45
phil henry Manchester United 45
josh Russell Chelsea 45
Wayne Wong Arsenal 45
Kayode Oladunni Chelsea 45
Muumu Piazon Chelsea 44
faiyaz koor Liverpool 44
Javier Martinez Liverpool 44
Joseph Aiello Manchester United 44
Kevin Kehrli Arsenal 44
Mike Thomas Chelsea 44
modou lamin drammeh Manchester United 44
Macpherson Uzukwu Chelsea 44
Andrew Halsey Manchester United 44
Scott Le messurier Queens Park Ranger 44
Akala Olaniyi Manchester United 44
Paul Walsh Everton 44
Vinzie Zuill Manchester United 43
Pete Quinn Manchester United 43
Pedro Rodrigues Manchester United 43
Ian Power Everton 43
keegan hogg Newcastle United 43
KELVIN KIMUTAI Manchester United 43
Leon Muigai Manchester United 43
Ray Cahill Manchester United 43
Mark Smith Arsenal 43
Sameer Thakare Manchester United 43
Phillip Badger Tottenham Hotspur 43
Zach Conrad Tottenham Hotspur 43
Eric Iverson Arsenal 42
Michael Miller Liverpool 42
Daniel Wood Newcastle United 42
mario diaz Chelsea 42
peter runder Manchester United 42
rayad ayub Chelsea 42
Vamsee Voleti Manchester United 42
Ibrahim Kusimo Manchester United 42
Josh Nelkin Manchester United 42
Ryan Musterfi Manchester United 42
Dan Maluka Manchester United 41
Leroy Hawkson Arsenal 41
derrick kwabena hammah Manchester United 40
Parsa Nafisi Manchester United 40
Johannes Schneider Arsenal 40
murat cetiner Manchester City 40
David YB Manchester United 40
nta Ubong Arsenal 40
Kevin Cavanagh Chelsea 40
Alan Stevenson Manchester United 39
kenroy lewis Manchester United 39
kern kennedy Manchester United 39
Vaibhav Nagarkoti Manchester United 39
Yasser Shaikh Manchester City 39
Alan Lau Manchester United 39
Andrew Kennedy Everton 39
ahmad sapari Manchester United 38
Jeremy A Arsenal 38
Frans Sinatra Manchester City 38
Gustavo Jimenez Manchester United 38
Michael Fuentes Manchester United 38
Tilly Lander Arsenal 38
prishern pahlad Liverpool 38
clement odum Manchester United 37
Chad Solivais Manchester United 37
Dan Hertzler Manchester United 37
emmanuel abdul Chelsea 37
gary alderson Liverpool 37
Kevin Harris Manchester United 37
Ivan Culak Manchester United 37
Konrad Zeńczak Manchester United 37
ruben sakthimithiran Manchester United 37
Eirik Alderson Arsenal 37
Joshua Nyagol Arsenal 37
dbeam jonas Manchester United 36
delin pritchard Manchester United 36
Eric Edem Manchester United 36
Joseph Lazar Arsenal 36
Wilson Sells Liverpool 36
Luke Emberton Manchester United 35
dylan toomey Arsenal 35
Guy Klein Arsenal 35
Paul Green Manchester United 35
Roksana Pawlowski Liverpool 35
artan kryeziu Manchester United 34
Francesco Isola Manchester United 34
Sam Ro Manchester United 34
Bakary Phoro Manchester United 33
Kyle Brouse Manchester United 33
Lou Bruno Everton 33
vasco divjak Manchester United 33
Matthias Tan Arsenal 32
Shaun Kernahan Manchester United 32
Greg Brooking Manchester United 31
ramadhan kombo Manchester United 30
Eoghan Mooney Manchester United 29
tony andronaco Chelsea 29
Dmitry Yakubovsky Manchester United 29
todd shenk Manchester United 28
ali aksakal Liverpool 26
don vito Arsenal 24
olushuyi tobiloba Manchester United 10

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    1. Ahmed, we’ll announce the winners of gameweek 18-24 just as soon as I get the results. Sorry for the delay.

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