Sir Alex Ferguson Wants Manchester United to Attack Real Madrid: The Nightly EPL

You never know when to believe Sir Alex Ferguson. The nature of the news cycle is that he’ll say one thing and then something completely different happens, but no one goes back to report on what he initially said. A good example of that is how he said during the weekend that Manchester United would field two squads — one against Everton, and another to play versus Real Madrid. Except that he decided to start all of his best players against Everton.

Ferguson came out today and said that he wants Manchester United to attack Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. But will he? ‘Wants’ is a key word. Everyone wants to go out and attack, but whether they will or not is a different matter entirely fueled by a) how the opposition plays against United, and b) whether United starts off in a defensive shell or not.

No matter which tactics United pick, it’s going to be an intriguing matchup in one of the most hyped matches of the season.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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7 thoughts on “Sir Alex Ferguson Wants Manchester United to Attack Real Madrid: The Nightly EPL”

  1. I hope both legs live up to the hype. Am also hoping when all is said and done we are left only talking about the players and not any poor officiating. I don’t want to speak for others, but as for myself it is fixtures such as these are the reason I love the game. The tie will feature two landmark names in world club football that have some of the best players to ever play the game such as Alfredo Di Stefano for Real and George Best for Manchester United. The list of greats could go on and on. You have two of the great stadiums not just in football, but in all of sport. Last, but not least you the battle between two of the greatest football managers of our time.

  2. That is right Patrick, Everyone wants to go out and attack, but no one knows from which side the Manchester United attacks forward and the whole game will turn and the battle between two of the these great football team will be interesting.

  3. They will attack but it will be more old school counter attacking football. Win the ball back deep in our own half then use our wingers speed to hit them in the break.

  4. I don’t think United will attack Madrid today because Madrid are a very good counter-attacking team. I think United will try to counter-attack themselves and try to win or at least get a draw that way.

    Madrid will try to prevent United from scoring and won’t mind a 0-0 draw. Madrid have the players to score at Old Trafford and will believe they can at least get a score draw to advance.

    Look for United to test Madrid’s backup keeper early. Rooney and VP will shoot on sight.

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