Gary Neville Shines Again With His Analysis, This Time For Man United-Everton Match [VIDEO]

Gary Neville’s skills as a right back for Manchester United were exemplary, but it’s amazing to consider that he may end up being as accomplished as a football pundit as he was for his club side.

Neville showed his prowess in front of the TV cameras again tonight before the Liverpool-West Bromwich Albion match where he analyzed the Manchester United-Everton match alongside Toffees manager David Moyes.

As always with Neville, it’s fascinating to watch and learn from a player who is able to effectively communicate tactics from an ex-player perspective:

Sky Sports MNF:Neville, Chamberlin and David… by f586399492

11 thoughts on “Gary Neville Shines Again With His Analysis, This Time For Man United-Everton Match [VIDEO]”

  1. Unlike Shearer and the other very partisan nutter, GN tells it like it is, although he did go overboard with the DDG thing, :) I for one will admit that he has improved my football IQ tremendously since he started as a pundit.

  2. I love these and find them very interesting and educational. Does Sky have some place where they are archived? It seems like they’re always just uploaded by some random fan.

    1. Unfortunately they’re not archived anywhere. They’re all recorded by fans and uploaded to video sites. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Premier League or Sky Sports takes dpwn the video down in the next 24 hours due to copyright infringement.

      The Gaffer

      1. That’s really weird. I don’t understand why Sky doesn’t just put them on their website and profit from the advertising.

        The ONE place that American football beats soccer is with this type of analysis. In American football, ~75% of plays are broken down immediately – granted, that leads to the start/stop nature of the presentation, but I do like the analysis sometimes. We get very little of that with soccer, especially here in the US.

  3. Why does FOX here in the States not pick up programming like this? FOX & SKY are owned by the same company.

    That was a fantastic segment that is missing from the presentation we get in the States. A current manager and a recently retired club legend breaking down the game a day after the game was played. Yeah give me more of that!!!!!!

  4. “Gary Neville shines again”? I like his analysis for the most part but his previous Manu game was anything but shining. He made an ass of himself with the Spurs vs ManU game specifically his criticisms of DeGea. Even old red nose said Neville made idiotic statements.

    1. Nelson, he did go a bit overboard but I think he was back in the locker room at that moment because he hated to lose like that. I can guarantee that if Gary was still playing he would have been in DDG’s face and that is what he was thinking right then. Outside of that I have seen GN’s analysis and he has truly been excellent.

      1. I agree, he has been excellent. I think your right about the “back in the locker room” passion. I suppose that is my only concern with him. No matter how hard he tries he will always have red tinted glasses. That Spurs vs Manu game he was casting all the blame for the last minute goal on ManU shortcomings but the reality is they were outplayed by Spurs with 18 sh

  5. I always check epltalk for stuff like this. Thanks Gaffer for putting this up for people in the states. I have yet to watch it since I’m at work, but I will be getting my headphones soon to listen.

    Gaffer, do you think NBC will have anything like this next season? That would be fantastic.

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