Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 26: Open Thread

Will the Grim Reaper come to put an end to the Premier League title race today? A win for Manchester United, and they’ll be 12 points ahead of second place City. Three points and you can pretty much hand the trophy over to Sir Alex Ferguson although some United and City fans may disagree.

Before we jump too far ahead of ourselves, there’s the early kickoff between West Ham United and Aston Villa at Villa Park. Let’s see which Aston Villa side shows up today. The one that was so attacking minded against Everton (but fell apart defensively). Or the one that has had so little confidence for most of the season. West Ham, meanwhile, will be feeling confident after beating Swansea 1-0 last weekend.

The 11am ET/4pm UK time match today is Manchester United against Everton.

Before, during or after today’s Premier League matches, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

57 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 26: Open Thread”

  1. I thought the rugby on BBC America was on yesterday, this morning.

    Very physical game so far this morning.

    The Gaffer

    1. Nothin wrong with physicality in football.

      Perhaps BalletTALK might be worth starting up for Arsenal fans and the like.

      Can anyone who watches La Liga explain to me who they get any joy from watching Barcalona and Real Madrid steamroll teams week in week out? It’s just ike a warmer SPL.

  2. Is it me or were the effects microphones extremely sensitive at Villa Park today? I really enjoyed it…seemed to bring more out of the game. For me, if it was a conscious decision to amp up the effects…keep it up.

  3. Fox Soccer presenter has no idea whe the Munich Air Disaster hapenned, saying it’s the 50th anniversry. Actuall it’s the 55th.

  4. Is it just me or does Peter Drury get on your tits too?
    Every match, every goal, every minute, every play, every kick becomes the most breathless event in the history of mankind ! ! !
    Very annoying.

  5. Don’t mean to bring that other discussion to this thread, but that bit of background on Jones is why I prefer Brit commentators. I found it very interesting.

  6. Everton truly looks bad today. Confused frankly. MANU means business today but Tim Howard left out to dry.

    Yes ManU may effectively wrap things up today. Which is the best argument I know for a EPL playoff system. Between now and May all we watch for is the MANU victory lap. Millions of tv viewers around the globe do not turn in every week to see if QPR can stay up or Swnasea can make the Europa League. The real interest is who takes the crown.

    Look at the Super Bowl. A10-6 team wins the title and they played poorly the last part of the regualr season. The EPL should establish a 4 or 3 team playoff to decide the title holder.

    1. Thanks but no thanks. You can keep the stupid playoffs systems, seedings and east coast/ west coast conference garbage in all your American sports.

    2. Sorry, no fan of playoffs in the Prem. I know it doesn’t happen often, but how could you ever beat the final day of last year’s season?

      1. Playoffs have a place in the championship for promotion purposes and even though I haven’t watched them in years I always remembered the to be good to watch.

        Playoffs deciding who wins over the course of a 38 games season is stupid.

    3. This is real football not rugby. How would that eastbwest crap work out you numpty. There is ucl and europa so what if a team makes a deep run how does that work

    4. It was just an opinion. No reason to go off the deep end, folks.

      Actually, Eplnfl, I think many watch for other reasons. The CL spots, the “coveted” Europa spot, the whole relegation battle, to say nothing of the joy of watching your team until the very end.

      We’re used to the playoff idea here in the US (not that it’s always good), but I just don’t like it for the Prem.

      1. Thank you Guy. And I do enjoy as a EPL fan the fight to stay up and the battle for European spots. Those are fun but not compelling except when it’s the last day and everything rides on one match result.

        I have no desire for divisions and long drawn out playoffs. Lets say 2 plays 3 , 1 gets a bye and the winner plays one at ones home.

        Even hardcore traditionalist could agree to 2 more matches. Especially when you see the money involved.

        1. They’re doing it from the stadium. Most commentaries these days, including many of the Premier League ones, are done in a studio.

          The Gaffer

  7. Gus Johnson is a great basketball announcer already at a young age. It’s not is great knowledge of the game but his style. Fox is right to see promise in his style and his ability to bring that to big time soccer.

    One may want to think back to one of the legendary sports broadcasts of all. The 1980 Olympic Hockey broadcast featured Al Michaels. Going into the Olympics he called two hockey games on the air! I personally have my issues with Al Michaels but his USSR v USA game call is a legend.

    Lets not judge Gus Johnson too quickly.

    1. eplnfl,
      How stupid of me to have forgotten Gus Johnson’s first assignment was an NBA Final Game 7.
      If you believe “style” matters more than “knowledge”, I suggest you’ve seen too many American Idol episodes.

      And although Michaels is known for his “Miracles” call, watch the entire game. He was average at best…in a match so important ABC did not even televise it live!

      1. Your showing your lack of knowledge. The game could not be shown live in the US since ABC did not have the satellite usage at that time. Communications where still a bit limited ask in 1980.

        Most of Michaels work in that game was average. His introductions especially the buildup where classic. He put the game in perspective. His last minute call is a shrine. The US run in those games was unexpected and the TV coverage helped build the excitement.

        As to American media style means everything.

  8. Everton are so frustrating today. They’re getting into all of the right positions, but their final touch (whether it’s a shot, or pass) keeps on letting them down.

    Leon Osman alone has had 2-3 good chances.

    The Gaffer

  9. So with the sound down for the MU/RM match do i go with AC/DC or Metallica? Trust me there will be no G Johnson for those 2 hours.

    1. FoxSoccer2Go is also carrying the match…will they have the same feed as FSC? Or, is there the possibility that it will have the world feed? BTW, FS2G has a free 7-day trial offer on now…good until 2/14.

      If it’s the same feed, I think I will go with “III Sides to Every Story” by “Extreme.”

  10. This has been a convincing win for Man Utd… I think Man Utd still get turned over at the Bernabau 3-0.. defensively I just don’t see Man Utd defense being able to deal with Real Madrid firepower.. Just too much class.

    I could be wrong, but the UCL is all RM care about.

    1. Midfield will be crucial on Wednesday especially when it comes to tracking back and defending those late runs into the box.

      Ronaldo doesn’t scare me we know what he’s going to do but a player like Benzema can cause a lot of problems drifting around and finding space in the box.

      As long as we are disciplined and don’t go bombing foreword we will be ok. Even if we did lose 1-0 or 2-0 nothing we are still more than capable if getting a result at old trafford in the return leg.

  11. Today was the best defensive performance I’ve seen from United all season. They were solid. Vidic was a rock.

    Congratulations to Manchester United. It would take something cataclysmic for them not to win the title at this rate.

    The Gaffer

    1. Right Chris. Man U has not played a better defensive game all season. Everton was not going to score today. Even without the Everton defensive lapses ManU would have prevailed.

    1. What the hell is going on at fox, its as if they are throwing their toys out of the pram after not ponying up for the BPL & loosing out to NBC.

      Flying Barton & Gus out plus all the other costs in creating & using the feed surely cost more than using the one you have paid for…what’s the point?

      If it is for the WC they have then why can’t they just practice in Barton’s garage?… That way in 5 years they will have hopefully goven up or at the very least worked out to NOT use any American sports terms whatsoever. this could be achribed without punishing people who want to watch the game & not fear bleeding from their ears. Seriously… You may as well have an Anne Hathaway award acceptance speach run on loop as audio instead… If I come accross as too harsh or overly scathing… I don’t care its just a incredibly needless move by fox.

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