Joe Hart’s Rolled-Up Sleeves Caused Saints Blunder, Says Joe Corrigan: The Nightly EPL

Manchester City legendary goalkeeper Joe Corrigan passed along some helpful advice for City goalkeeper Joe Hart today, advising him that his rolled-up sleeves may have been the reason why Hart slipped in goal against Southampton on Saturday.

According to Corrigan, the rolled-up sleeves would cause his arms to slip across the grass.

“It was a bad mistake, and while I am not putting that plainly down to the fact he rolled his sleeves up, I am just saying you need all the help you can get when you play in goal,” said Corrigan on BBC Radio 5 Live. “You wear latex rubber gloves on your hands but you still have this skin area which the ball can slip through.”

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5 thoughts on “Joe Hart’s Rolled-Up Sleeves Caused Saints Blunder, Says Joe Corrigan: The Nightly EPL”

  1. This is absurd. I rolled my sleeves up just to ensure that I can feel the ball when shots like those occur, where you catch the ball as much with your arms as you do your hands.

  2. Fact is, Hart blew it. Another fact is, he blows it pretty rarely. A third fact is that that goal didn’t cost them the game, let alone the title.

    So any need for an inquisition on the merits of textiles vs bare arms on the lower halves of GK sleeves is a waste of time.


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