Are Manchester United worth a bet to win the Champions League?

If you are a Man United fan and a sport bettor, then you should have had a great season and you should have made a tidy profit, but unfortunately the reds are not currently very highly favoured to do so well in the Champions league. Their next big match is against Real Madrid, and both the bookmakers and the pundits seem to be favouring Madrid for a win.

Currently the odds on a United win are 3/1, while most bookies are pricing Real Madrid at around 4/6. If you are looking for an interesting bet on this match, then you might like to consider a draw which is being offered at around 4/1; perhaps it is the best that United can hope for. If nothing else it will be interesting to see how Cristiano Ronaldo fared against his former club.

In terms of winning the competition, although the betting odds are stacked against United, who are priced at around 13/1, they really do stand a good chance this season. The favourite is Barcelona at 2/1, which comes as no big surprise as neither does the second favourite Real Madrid at 4/1. A bet on Man united at this stage might be quite a gamble, but at that price it could well win you quite a jackpot and it is at least as good a bet as you will find at any online casino in terms of value for money. If you are really looking for an outsider, then you might consider Arsenal at 40/1. It all depends on how you approach football betting.

There are two very different approaches to betting on football, and both of them have an important part to play. Many football fans tend to bet on their favourite club, no matter what the odds might be or their realistic chances of winning. Then there are sports bettors who take an approach to it in a similar way in which players at online casinos such as, approaching skill based casino games such as poker. They apply their knowledge and skill in order to find the best bets which over time create a profit. They are not looking to occasionally win a large jackpot; rather they are investing their money very much as would a banker in the stock markets. Casino games such as Soccer Safari slots game is also appealing to football fans with the added bonus that there are big jackpots to be won, the best of both worlds maybe.

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