TV is Killing Man United’s Champions League Chances, Says Sir Alex Ferguson: The Nightly EPL

Sir Alex Ferguson has been criticizing the Premier League and Sky Sports for putting his match this weekend against Everton in the marquee Premier League timeslot — on Sunday at 11am ET/4pm UK time — the space that’s typically reserved for the game of the week. Just a few days later, on Wednesday, Manchester United plays Real Madrid at Bernabeu Stadium.

On one hand, being Manchester United means that they get most of the TV revenue from the Premier League; more than any other club. I’m sure the Glazers are happy with the situation as long as Fergie can get decent results in both the match against Everton and Los Blancos.

Or, knowing Fergie, is he just trying to have an excuse lined up in case Madrid take an impressive lead in the first leg?

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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20 thoughts on “TV is Killing Man United’s Champions League Chances, Says Sir Alex Ferguson: The Nightly EPL”

    1. haha..a clown with 19 and counting titles, which every other team wishes they had just for one season.

      Any American haters here?, they gotta be English right. See, Americans, don’t fall the U.K. haters. English people hate success, hangover still paying for Empire. You get a nice house or car in U.S. and people congratulate you, you get a nice car in England, and it’ll be ‘keyed’. Success is a bad word here. Jealousy is rife. People hate Utd MORE than they love their own club just for History and success. No-one cared in the 70’s when we were just a cup side (no titles but STILL the most popular well supported club,sell out stadium,same as today), get some titles and your hated. In any other country it’d be different. We do it with all our successful people, build ’em up and then hate the ‘sh*t’out of ’em when they make it. Ya gotta knock ’em back down, and boy are people angry when they can’t knock you back down. Look what this bastard country did to the legend Bobby Robson, anyone remember what the filth press were like to one of our best managers ever.

  1. For the first time in a long while that Fergie has hit the nail on the head. Why should United play on a sunday when they have an important CL tie on wednesday, it’s unfair and as Fergie said THEY ARE NOT GIVING UNITED THE PROPER CHANCE TO REPRESENT ENGLAND.

    I’m Coming.

    1. They haven’t complained for the past 20-odd years while they’ve been taking Sky’s money so they’ve got no room to do it now. What you have to remember with Fergie is that he would be saying the opposite if he was asked about an important tie for another team. He’d respond by saying they’ve got 3 days in between and he can’t see the problem… funny how it’s always double standards with him and when it doesn’t suit his agenda, he makes us all know about it.

      1. Absolutely agree about Fergie’s double standards. A couple of years ago he said that Chelsea shoudn’t complain about exactly what he is now complaining about.

        Of course he believes that he and United have a divine right to be treated dfferently. By the way, Liverpool play on Monday and then have to travel to Russia for a game on Thursday. All teams are treated the same.

        1. It’s all the once mighty Liverpool have left isn’t, we’ll underperform again lads this season, but we’ll have a real good go at Utd twice a season,its enough to keep the fans happy, a win over Utd. They didn’t even get that this season.

        2. And the Manchester United fan who feels the need to comment with the made up word ‘liverFOOL’? Also feels the need to jump in there to say ‘For what? Europa League? Lol’…

          You sure it’s me who’s the fool..?

      2. It’s the smaller clubs that benefit the most from Sky’s money. You see, if Sky went away, some clubs can FILL MASSIVE StadiumS to create wealth, theres not many, but some Sky’s money is a bonus, not the lifesaver it is for a club that cannot do that. Look at Cheleas and Citeh, all that dosh, yet their attendances and fans will hit a peak and not go higher. They reach their potential. Arsenal and Spurs, will alway be the two top London clubs, both have more fans, the moment Chelski lose that cash cow, watch them drop. West Ham have more fans and is more famous name in football than Chelski, if they got money, you see them blow the blues away, they actually have pedigree to build on, just like Spurs. Arsenal too already blow ’em away with fan base.

    2. He’s got a double digit lead in the league – ya think a squad rotation could be arranged? it’s really about having an excuse if he loses because red nose can’t lose with grace or class

      1. Really? Thats why when Jose ‘The Special One’ knocked them out of CL at Old Trafford, it was Fergie who knoked on his dressing room door, congratulated them and said’ “let’s have a bevvie me old mate” (in Glaswegian thats ‘care for a wine’)

      2. He knows all about losing ,you have to, to then be a better winner. Fergie’s teams lose with class. If another teams wins the title, and Utd play them (Arsenal,Chelsea) you’ll see his team line up in a guard of honour and clap the ‘winners’.
        Watch how good a ‘loser’he is, watching Arsenal,Chelsea,Citeh all rise up to make their cases for no.1 and then react,adapt and surpass them, one by one. Who’s next…Spurs?
        You’ll never see another Fergie, ever, the last true ‘gaffer’.

    3. FA is like the Eurozone, it doesn’t work, sadly unlike the EU, it doesn’t look like it will implode and go away.
      Again, its the English disease, they hate success, and with the FA running things they will make it harder for us to dominate Euro football like we should, if our domestic game wasn’t so knackering.

  2. As for idiot who made the statement above, i bet You’ll be whining and bi+ching around if your mid table club was treated same way as UNITED, Have 1 word for You, CHAMP19Ns

  3. As for idiot who made the statement above, i bet You’ll be whining and bi+ching around if your mid table club was treated same way as UNITED, Have 1 word for You, CHAMP19Ns

    I’m Coming.

  4. Ferguson is the biggest hypocrite around so why is anyone surprised by this. I do remember when Chelsea had to play United on a Sunday and then had a CL game on Wednesday and when Chelsea complained he was unsympathetic.

  5. Simple solution, you don’t need the sky money – turn it down and play every game at 3pm on a Saturday.

    There are some utter bellends posting on this thread.

  6. I bet he’s really pissed off that they played on Sunday now after they were able to make team selections after the City result.
    How he can honestly come out with this statement after the money they have profited from because of Sky is beyond me.

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