Royal Mail Releases New Stamps to Honor Britain’s Greatest Footballers [PHOTO]

The Royal Mail, the British postal service, has published a new series of stamps to recognize the greatest British footballers as part of the celebrations to recognize The FA’s 150th year anniversary.

The beautiful collection of stamps features some of the biggest names in the game. From top left to right:

Jimmy Greaves (England), John Charles (Wales), Gordon Banks (England), George Best (Northern Ireland), John Barnes (England), Kevin Keegan (England), Denis Law (Scotland), Bobby Moore (England), Bryan Robson (England), Dave Mackay (Scotland) and Bobby Charlton (England).

What are your thoughts regarding the collection? Are there any footballers that are glaring omissions in your opinion? Let us know in the comments section below.

37 thoughts on “Royal Mail Releases New Stamps to Honor Britain’s Greatest Footballers [PHOTO]”

  1. N.Irelands Pat Jennings and Danny blanchflower

    England’s sir Stanley Matthews.

    Scotland’s Jimmy johnstone.

    Wales Vinny Jones.

    1. Peter Shilton sure, but Paul Scholes? really? C’mon. Lineker would get in over Scholes as would Daglish, Hoddle, Shearer. Giggs.. there are many more that would make it

      1. No way would Lineker get in before scholes, he was a good player from the penalty box in words but scholes in his prime was world class.

        1. Lineker was world Class, World Cup Golden boot winner, did you see who was in that WC86 that he beat out for that?, league top goal scorer 3 times, 2nd for Ballon d’Or in 86. 3rd in 91, He has the worldwide accolades.

          I’m not saying Scholes was not a great player, he was not an England legend tho, yes at Man Utd he is a legend and rightly so, he would get a stamp but NOT before Gary “The Legend” Lineker!

          But for England no, Lineker was also top goalscorer in different leagues along with 48 goals in 80 England appearances.

          The football landscape was completely different back then, Is it because he snubbed Man Utd to go to Spurs?

  2. How about a few managers, top 5 without a doubt.

    Jock stein
    Sir Matt Busby
    Bill shankly
    Sit Alex ferguson
    Brian clough

    Is Sir Bobby Robson in the same class as these 5

  3. WAIT… how the HELL is Stanley Mathews NOT There? the worlds FIRST Ballon d’Or winner in 1956…Seriously people..He is true Legend, How does Jimmy Greaves get in ahead of Stanley Mathews..???

    1. For anyone unaware of the background to the great man:

      In his testimonial at Stoke’s Victoria Ground 1965 the following players turned out:

      Bobby Moore, Jimmy Armfield, Cohen, Wilson, Hunt. Greaves and Charlton from the 1966 World Cup squad,

      Playing for Europe – Denis Law, Puskas, Eusebio, Yashin, Tilkowski, Gento.

      In the early game, Bert Trautmann, George Hardwick, Jimmy Hill, Don Revie, Nat Lofthouse, Tom Finney, Wally Barnes, Danny Blanchflower, Jimmy Dickinson, Jackie Milburn, Arthur Rowley

      Icons to fans of other English teams, England fans and football fans in general, all to celebrate one mans career.

      Over 100,000 people lined the streets of Stoke for his funeral, an absolutely unreal experience in all my time living here.

      1. Tom finney was the other name I was trying to remember along with Matthews, lofthouse, Blanchflower and johnstone. All players I heard great things about as I was growing up.

  4. I know i will get hammered but how about Viv Anderson for his skill plus the abuse he had to deal with.I know my Forest loyalty is showing.

    1. Brady is from the Republic of Ireland. He’s not British. But if Dalglish was added, who would you remove?

      The Gaffer

  5. No Gazza?

    John Barnes?? Token Black man vote. Good but not that good.

    Dave Mackay?? Er no

    NO – Daglish, Gazza, Stan Mathews, Giggs, Duncan Edwards

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