Odds on Barcelona to beat AC Milan and go on to win the Champions’ League again

Barcelona next play AC Milan in the Champion’s League on 20th February, and Barcelona, the home side, is the clear favourite at 4/7. AC Milan are priced at 6/1 with a draw at 3/1. However Massimiliano Allegri might have a trick up his sleeve in the form of recent signing Mario Balotelli, who recently was the subject of a high profile move from Manchester City to the Italian Club. After scoring 2 goals in his debut for Milan, Balotelli will be relishing the chance to prove himself in front of the massive audience that will be watching this game, possibly giving the team a big boost and changing the odds on this match significantly.

Looking at the odds that are currently being quoted on the outright winner of the Champions League is also quite telling. The favourite is Barcelona with quoted odds of 2/1, and Real Madrid is the second favourite at 5/4 followed by Bayern Munich at 7/1. Although it is early days and betting on any of the top teams is more or less the equivalent of betting on the spin of a roulette wheel at a casino, and also while the past does not indicate what might happen in the future, a bet on Barcelona is well worth considering.

If roulette and sports betting are not your favourite pastimes, an alternative game that is currently appealing to football fans is the soccer safari slots game. You can find it at mobile online casinos such as http://www.mobilecasinocanada.ca/ which means that you can enjoy it on the go. Developed by Microgaming this is a good alternative available to football betting fans. It was launched in recognition of the last World Cup in South Africa, and many of the characters are animals found in South African jungles. A trip to an online casino could be a wise choice to make at the moment; betting on Barcelona at 2/1 to win the Champion’s League is not a wild bet but neither does it provide a decent return, especially with the recent news of Xavi possibly missing the Milan tie.

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