Roy Hodgson Urges Frank Lampard Not to Move to MLS: The Daily EPL

After England’s win against Brazil yesterday courtesy of a beautiful Frank Lampard strike, England manager Roy Hodgson urged Frank Lampard not to move to MLS if he wants to continue winning caps for England.

Lampard has 94 England caps and needs only 6 more to reach the elite 100 club. By moving to MLS, where the quality of competitive soccer is less than in the Premier League, the Chelsea legend risks his chances of playing for England.

Problem is, where would Lampard go? Perhaps a move to a top European club would be a best bet considering that he’s Chelsea through and through, and I can’t see him playing for another Premier League club due to his deep ties with the Blues.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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6 thoughts on “Roy Hodgson Urges Frank Lampard Not to Move to MLS: The Daily EPL”

  1. The story about Bobby Moore getting ejected by a WHU steward from a half-empty stand in a League 2 match because he didn’t have a ticket is completely amazing. Very sad as well.

    Viva Bobby Moore!

  2. Can already see a tear in Rob Stone’s eyes. The guy legitimately said the MLS should pursue Balotelli, like Balo would ever consider the MLS at 22-23 years old

  3. Nothing about Carragher?! I hope some article is in the works to honor one of the top defensive players in Premier League history.If not, I may have to write it.

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