Odds on Everton to Come 4th This Season

Although the top teams in the Premiership this season are almost certainly going to be Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea, and the most likely club to finish in fourth place is Tottenham Hotspur, in reality there is plenty of time for fourth place to be contested by another club such as Everton. The current odds of Everton finishing amongst the top four clubs are as high as 8/1 though some bookmakers are offering shorter odds of 5/1. Certainly at 8/1 it is a bet worth considering, that is if you really think that Everton can make it.

There are excellent chances that Everton will finish in the top six, and most bookmakers are offering only odds on prices on this. Probably the best price that you will find is around 9/13 which is hardly going to win you a healthy jackpot. Splitting your bets between a top six and a top four finish might well be the best strategy if you want to cover all options. Essentially you are using a near certainly to fund a riskier bet. You can’t do that at on online casino, which is one of the reasons why sports’ betting is so popular.

Many sports bettors also enjoy playing casino games at online casinos such as http://www.iPadcasino.com.au/ and really devoted football fans tend to seek out football related casino games as an alternative to the usual run of roulette, blackjack and poker. There are plenty to choose from, but one that people tend to like very much is Soccer Safari slots. Not only is it full of football fun with wild animals playing the beautiful game, there are some great bonuses which give you a chance to win substantial jackpots. The best betting strategy is one that includes a mix of different games as well as a mixture of odds.

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