USA Men’s National Team Home Shirt 2013 Leaked [PHOTO]

Photos of the new US men’s national team (USMNT) home shirt for 2013 have been leaked on the Internet.

The centenary shirt, to mark 100 years of US soccer, features the new centenary crest on the front of the shirt as the main focal point. The rest of the shirt features the navy blue trim, v-neck collar and Nike swoosh.

In the close-up shot below, you can see the US centenary crest in more vivid detail, including the crest on the back of the inside shirt collar.

What do you think of the new USMNT home shirt for 2013? Love it or hate it? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

20 thoughts on “USA Men’s National Team Home Shirt 2013 Leaked [PHOTO]”

  1. LIKE the style and very glad to see this centenary badge.

    Sorry, but no matter how good the kit may ever look, the US Soccer badge is unattractive and looks amateur compared to badges of the world.

    I’d be quite happy if the US team badge stayed like the one pictured.

  2. Great classic look, they should stick to something like this year after year. I dislike the red stripes jersey.

    Oh yea and i like the logo also, a lot of history behind that.

  3. Some complaints about the badge, but I am just happy there are no stripes!! Much better looking jersey. The striped shirts were awful imo.

  4. beautiful. I love how Nike went back to all white. and I guess Im the only one who like our current crest but the centennial crest is also nice. I hope ussf signs a extension with Nike.

  5. I’m an El Tri fan but I’m buying this jersey. I’m buying the away version too if it comes out. It’s such a great shirt. The US badge is soooo nice, IT’S NOT AN ATLETICO BADGE YOU MORONS. It’s an American badge and as an American if gladly buy this shirt even if only for stylistic purposes.

  6. Love it! No sash, classic looking badge, definitely getting one. I just hope that Nike doesn’t move too far away from this design in the future. Seriously, STICK WITH A THEME ALREADY!

  7. Looks ok…but very nike standard design just different color. I like the stripe design. They should not keep away from the stripe design.

  8. Really like this new design. I hope it’s the same one for the World Cup. It would be great if any futures designs kept this style. The previous Waldo/candy cane shirts were horrible.

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