Tottenham’s Lack of Ambition in the January Transfer Window Will Come Back to Haunt Them

Last year it was the most unlikeliest of scenarios that would rob Tottenham Hotspur of Champions League football — blowing an 11 point lead in fourth place and then Chelsea winning the Champions League bumping Spurs out of their Champions League position..

When Spurs dropped to the Europa League last year, they also lost the bargaining power of attracting world class players and retaining their highest quality ones. Luka Modric left for Real Madrid. Without adding a new striker in the January transfer window, I feel the same fate will find Spurs in 2013. Just watch, Bale will also jump ship in the summer.

Without getting in Leandro Damaio or any of the other dozen strikers we were linked with, Spurs have to rely solely on just two strikers, one of which is rumored to be unhealthy (Defoe) and the other is absent from games altogether (Adebayor). Would any other top four side let themselves get in this position, with just two strikers?

Defoe is clearly patched up and is not fit or in form (1 league goal in past 8 games). If Defoe gets injured or just continues to be totally ineffective, then only Adebayor can fill the void. If Adebayor pulls a hamstring, then what?

We have gotten where we are in the table on the back of some very good early season performances from Defoe which have now completely vanished and, under the circumstances, is unlikely to reappear. Adebayor has been horrible all season (2 league goals) but apparently he has been this way in every second season he’s played for former clubs. It’s a wonder Spurs are in fourth given these circumstances. It just shows the quality the rest of the team and how much better we would be with a good finisher. If we had gotten someone clinical up front, we could have been aiming for third or possibly even second. By not signing a new striker in the January window, I won’t be surprised if Everton, Arsenal or even Liverpool finish ahead of us this year. Liverpool may be the furthest behind but they’ve added some quality recently and look set to make a strong push.

Signing Leandro Damiao apparently fell through by a slim margin and is now being tabled as a summer bid. Will he want to sign for a club in the Europa League? I can’t help but think a small increase of £2-3million would have made the difference in getting him. Failing that though, even a loan signing would have sufficed. In fact the depression of getting Louis Saha in last year’s transfer window would seem like a bit of good business in our current situation. Just a decent centre forward would do. I wasn’t excited about the Gary Hooper rumors but boy would I take him now!

Watching our team have the lion share of possession in games and whipping some decent balls into the box with no one good enough to get on the end of it is tragic.

17 thoughts on “Tottenham’s Lack of Ambition in the January Transfer Window Will Come Back to Haunt Them”

  1. I generally agree with Levy’s policy to not overpay, however, this was a case where he needed to swallow his pride and overpay. The extra cost would easily be offset by making the Champions League. Getting a forward would not guarantee a 4th place finish but it sure would be worth the gamble. Defoe will be out for some time and who knows what type of form Ade will be in when he returns. What happens if Bale, Dempsey or Lennon go down? It could be another death march to the end of the season. And I agree that with CL football, Bale is gone in the summer.

  2. Does the author even watch the Premier League?
    Yes, other top teams will go with 2 or less strikers.

    Chelsea only had one striker for the first half of the season. Now with Ba they have how many? 2!

    Arsenal (while not a top 4 team now) only really have Giroud as a striker. Podolski and Walcott don’t count. Even if you count Podolski, then Arsenal have how many? 2!

  3. I have to agree. Levy took that risk last year and it cost Spurs. I think an injury to Bale will end Tottenham’s hope of top 4 because unlike Chelsea they don’t have goals from all over the pitch, but even so they got the excellent Demba Ba. Liverpool have a better strike force than Spurs now and will enjoy more goals in 2013. Arsenal are not as good a team as Tottenham, but they are closer than they was last year even without RVP and got a great full back in Jan window. Everton are as strong as they have ever been under Moyes, so I predict Tottenham top get injuries to another key players (like Sandro) they will dip quickly. Adebayor doesn’t look hungry this year….. more moody and lazy.
    You shouldda bought a striker Mr Levy.

  4. depends on formation we don’t play 4-4-2 with a 4-4-1-1 I think we’re fine- Defoe hasn’t scored before the injury in several games, he looks burned out to me so this injury can turn out a positive if he returns 3-4 weeks refreshed and Addy is back from African cup where he played well-As the single striker I think Addy plays better than with Defoe

    adding Holtby with Bale coming on stronger -looking to score more- Dempsey and Siggy -I think we’re ok- The team is more comfortable with the formation each week.

  5. Actually, the Spurs front office had ambition. But, ambition does not necessarily mean results.

    It may be argued, they showed misplaced ambition in the attempt to sign Leandro, Willian, and other “targets.” The intent was there but it was not well-calculated.

    Spurs can bring in player(s) if further injuries deplete the squad as through free transfers.

    Spurs do need a striker. Abe has a habit of easing up after his contract signing fervor is over. Defoe has not been a productive scorer for weeks. Hopefully, both can return and show good form. In the mean time, 1-0 is a win.

  6. Right, I bet if Levy had bought a new forward this January window you fools would still want him to buy new players in the off season and again next January window. Perhaps you’ll all feel better if we were losing games. Do any of you remember where we were prior to Levy taking control, perhaps you’d prefer if Sugar took over again when we won sweet FA, calling every foreign player pffered to the club Carlos kick a ball. Levy has done so much for this club, perhaps you clowns can all put some money into the coffers because we sure dont have the resources that chelsea or city does and if you think the likes of everton and liverpool are better than we are, why arent they ahead of us in the league?

  7. Spurs haven’t lost in a while…..but that cant last forever. Lewis Holtby looks very good and under £2 million Euro’s is a bargain. Competition up front was needed.
    Adebayor tore the geordies apart last year in Tottenham’s 5 nil thrashing… and he must come back hungry or Spurs will not beat a refreshed Newcastle saturday lunchtime. As always I will be at the Lane come what may….

  8. the weak performances against a poor leeds utd and norwich demonstrate the reality. A repeat of the thrashing we gave Newcastle last year will convince me I am wrong.

    1. I haven’t seen a thrashing since then! All the other top sides give one every now and then. I think we’ve only had 3 Leauge games over 3 goals in the past two years.

      Strikers above mid table quality are needed!!!

  9. Since this article was written Defoe has been injured and looks to be ligament damage which could be a lengthy spell.

    A free transfer is a must.

    Let’s hope Ade is hungry and that he finds some good link up play with Holtby. Hope they both start against the barcodes.

  10. The irrational supporter in me wishes Levy would have come through with a striker, but I also want the club to make wise purchases that will ensure long-term health and viability. Spurs are in a tight spot with Defoe out of form and injured now. Ade will be called upon to step up now and I hope he responds. Unrelated to the striker situation, I am excited about the Holtby signing. The energy he brought in his first two appearances is sorely needed in this squad.

  11. As an Arsenal fan this is the first season where I feel that Tottenham has a better squad. It will be a close race but Tottenham still got Holtby in January and he will be a great player for them (would have loved him at Arsenal).
    Spurs fans should look at the squad and realize that its very strong….sure, we would all like more but at least you guys still improved the squad and were actively looking to do more. Arsenal only bought because of an injury.

  12. Lack of ambition…lol..unbelievable statement, its not a lack of ambition at all, perhaps we should have bought Remy for 8m like harry wanted last year?…oh wait he is out for 2 months now with an injury that we highlighted as a reason for NOT buying him.

    Levy and Spurs don’t lack ambition, we will finish in the top four and then in the Summer we will buy, more than likely Isco. AVB has publicly stated the Damiao deal is dead and NO summer move for him will be made.

    Bale isn’t going anywhere either, If Ade doesn’t play Saturday then Bale upfront with Holtby just behind and Dempsey or Sig on the left will be just fine, until Ade is back and on form AVB has the faith of his players and Levy, its a shame more fans don’t.

    The Holtby move this this window will be pivotal in keeping us in the top 4.. we will get UCL this year… we have a manager that is capable of avoiding an implosion.

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