Europol Suspects that Champions League Match Staged in England Was Fixed: The Daily EPL

How many times have we heard about betting scandals in European soccer but nothing is ever done about it? Today, it’s revealed that Europol has pinpointed one UEFA Champions League match that was played in England that was allegedly fixed. The specific teams that played the game were not revealed. But it’s part of a larger Europol investigation that has identified 380 matches in Europe that were suspected of being fixed.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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8 thoughts on “Europol Suspects that Champions League Match Staged in England Was Fixed: The Daily EPL”

  1. What are the odds it was the Barca V Chelski game at the bridge where Drogba lost it on the officials…. If any game in the UCL has been rigged its that one.

      1. Supposedly it is the 2009 match between Liverpool and Hungarian champions Debrecen. The match ended 1-0 to LFC byway of a Dirk Kuyt goal, which should have been a routine save. If reports from Denmark are correct Debrecen were approached by by someone from a Singapore gambling syndicate to concede more than 2.5 goals.

  2. Gab Marcotti on TalkSport says that today’s announcement by Europol is nothing more than grandstanding — i.e. Europol basically googling all of the fixing investigations for the past several years and adding it up to 380.

    The Gaffer

    1. So you are not bothered about 380 matches being rigged? Old news it may be but it’s still important that this is made public. I’m glad that the police are taking it seriously even if the sport hacks are not.

      1. I’m bothered by it, definitely. But the morning news made it out to be 380 brand new cases, when it appears to be already investigated incidents instead.

        My hope is that the authorities crack down on this instead of sweeping it under the carpet.

        The Gaffer

  3. this is the greatest threat to the game
    1. it’s happening
    2. It’s happening alot
    3. There is no punishment look at Jeventus getting by on appeals process where penalties are lifted

    American Baseball is the model- ban for life anyone caught even stars like Messi if caught- wthout integrity you cannot have a professional sports league

    1. Absolutely agree. I would go further than banning them. Lock them up like they did with the Pakistani cricketers. Unfortunately the temptation will always be there given the amount of money around the game. But if a few players are convicted of aiding and abetting fraud and get sent down it will send the appropriate message. This sort of thing makes my blood boil, to think that some scumbags can control the outcome of matches. The integrity of the game has to be vigorously defended.

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