Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero Scores A Sensational Goal Against Liverpool From An Unbelievable Angle [GIF]

Sergio Aguero may have just kept Manchester City in the Premier League title race with an absolutely unbelievable goal from the most acute of angles against Liverpool.

Aguero scored the goal late in the game after he beat Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina to the ball, but then attempted a shot on goal from an incredibly difficult position. Amazingly, the ball went into the net. What an astonishing goal from such a gifted footballer.

This is why we love the Premier League.

10 thoughts on “Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero Scores A Sensational Goal Against Liverpool From An Unbelievable Angle [GIF]”

  1. Sensational ?? I think not. There was no good passes, terrible mistake and some sweet quick thinking and shot accuracy.

  2. It only looked sensational because of Reina’s idiocy and the fact that Skrtyl and Carragher expected Reina to get to the ball first so they gave up on protecting the net. It would have been sensational if one of those defenders was beaten protecting the net. Still it was a good goal and one has to applaud Aguero’s decision making.

  3. If that had of been David De Gea who made that mistake the press would be all over him instead of praising Aguero.

    Anyway you look at it that was a top Finnish by Aguero.

  4. Coming from a LFC fan..that was wonderful piece of skill, aguero saw the keeper was out and meant the shot.
    But on the other side Reina was 90% wrong to come out and defense the other 10%.
    Sadly Reina has become a liability for us.

  5. What seems most impressive is that he isn’t even looking at where he is shooting. He just goes for it. A very unfortunate goal for Liverpool.

  6. Reina has made similar aggressive charges dozens of times in the past and we’ve benefited from them. Skrtel looked very shaky when he came on for Enrique and he was obviously two steps behind Aguero from the start of the sequence. I don’t necessarily agree with his decision, but given that (1) good keepers take chances when doubtful that defenders can contain an attack in the box, and, (2) he’s played the percentages before and it’s worked, I have a hard time slating him for the call. The truth is that LFC supporters are quickly souring on Pepe for what they perceive as a drop in quality, but since his return (and even leading up to it) he seemed to be regaining form and made a boatload of top saves against both Arsenal and Man City. As with the rest of the side under Rodger’s brief tenure, I think patience should take the day.

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