Manchester City and Liverpool Fans Join Together to Protest High Ticket Prices: The Nightly EPL

The protest by football supporters throughout the Premier League is beginning to spread. After Manchester City and Liverpool fans protested at their separate away matches versus Arsenal in recent weeks, today City and Liverpool supporters continued their protest by joining together to hoist an “£nough is £nough’ banner.

The solidarity among the supporters is so strong that the banner was jointly held by Liverpool supporters, in their away section, and the Manchester City fans next to them. Impressively, the authorities (pictured above) didn’t try to remove the banner.

Several supporters groups as well as The Football Supporters’ Federation want their own type of financial fair play by reducing the obscene prices for away tickets that can be found in most Premier League stadiums.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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10 thoughts on “Manchester City and Liverpool Fans Join Together to Protest High Ticket Prices: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Is it being too simplistic to say that if supporters want world-class players at every position that they need to be prepared to pay top prices for their tickets?

    I’m curious, being in the States and not in tune with the way the clubs are setting prices.

    1. I’d stay out of the argument. With the new TV deal next season, clubs could reduce all ticket prices (home or away) by £35 each. They could still maintain the wage levels despite the price cut.

      A flat ticket price for away supporters across all grounds is the only way to go.

      Look at if you’re interested in the argument. No disrespect meant but this issue doesn’t affect many users of this site, for those that it does it’s a sensitive political issue so please treat it accordingly.

      1. Not trying to get into the argument really, just trying to get my head around what the supporters’ and the owners’ positions are to understand what’s going on.

  2. Stop going to matches then. I guess its easy for me to say living in America. Would I stop going if I lived in England, probably not. Clubs supporters need to do something besides waving a banner.

    1. Coudn’t agree more. That’s some kind of protest. I’m going to pay for my ticket and then hold a banner up protesting the price. These people are brilliant. Stay the fu.. home if you’re not happy with the price.

        1. You are right Ian. I stopped buying United shirts when the Glazers took over. Green and Gold for me. Even though that protest has slowed.

  3. The situation is really the same here in the US. The NFL charges more and more, but instead of using expanding TV money to offer lower ticket prices they pay players more instead and charge fans more to boot.

    Nothing will change in either league as long as there are waiting lists of other fans begging to be fleeced. You give up your season ticket and some fool will pay more to take your place. So, what have you accomplished (besides losing the opportunity to go and see your team)?

    Let’s face it, the fans are simply grist for the mill.

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