Illustration Of Arsenal’s Super Jack Wilshere [PHOTO]

Brilliant artist Dan Leydon, whose work has been featured in The Guardian, has released his latest masterpiece. And this time it’s an illustration of Arsenal’s number 10, Jack Wilshere.

The beautifully designed illustration features Wilshere in mid-stride, with the ball knocked on in front of his path. “Super Jacky Wilshere,” splendid in his Arsenal home kit, is a certainly a work of art. And even if you’re not an Arsenal supporter, you can’t deny that this is a beautiful piece of art.

“I’ve been asked so much and for so long to make an illustration of Jack Wilshere I just had to,” said Leydon. “The guy is perfectly poised to excel in the game as it is at the moment. His build, dynamism, vision and tenacity mark him out as an outstanding footballer. He’s Arsenal through and through and I showed that by having the Arsenal cannon in the stars. Also his number is spelt out by the London cityscape. Oh and he’ll be captain soon!”

Prints of Leydon’s illustration are available for sale through Etsy.

2 thoughts on “Illustration Of Arsenal’s Super Jack Wilshere [PHOTO]”

  1. Maybe the artist can work something up where there is a giant diving board suspended from the latticework atop the Emirates. And then there is Santi Cazorla, in full summer Olympic mode. Wearing an Arse-branded Speedo. Gleefully hurtling through the air as you see an entire audience of people in referee kit about to award penalties.

    Or maybe a heroic depiction of Le Arse himself, waiting with a “packet of sweets” and a “cheeky smile” alongside a playground or some such.

    Koscielny as one of those flamboyant, acrobatic North Korean traffic warden chicks? Maybe directing opposing strikers toward the Arsenal net?

    You’re welcome, Dust.

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