Mario Balotelli Will Sign 4.5 Year Deal with AC Milan Tomorrow Subject to Medical: The Daily EPL

Mario Balotelli is on the verge of signing a deal with AC Milan tomorrow subject to a medical reports Sky Sports. The troubled but talented Italian striker looks set to return to Italy with a 4.5 year contract.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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15 thoughts on “Mario Balotelli Will Sign 4.5 Year Deal with AC Milan Tomorrow Subject to Medical: The Daily EPL”

  1. perhaps Levy can convince City to buy back Ade?… it is almost Levy time…Thursday with 4 hours remaining is where Levy works his magic!


  2. If true, best of luck to Balotelli. However insane he can be at times, he is an immense talent and I think that ability will win the internal battle against “craziness” and “immaturity” if he is given the chance to play every day.

  3. Milan say it’s true, city wouldn’t sell at £20m they are saying here so they must of up ‘d it a given a 15% sell on clause. It’s a shame because love him or for some reason hate him he is the most talked about footballer in the world and its a great loss to the premier league, he was the most colour full player in it.

    1. Yeah, everyone is talking about Balotelli, not RVP or Suarez or some other player that can score on the pitch and not become the center of attention, waiting for him to pull a Charlie Sheen.

      Balotelli has raw talent, but an ego the size of Italy and he doesn’t learn.

      1. But still the fact is Balotelli is the most talked about isn’t he? If he breaks wind it makes headlines the same cannot be said for RVP!! You make not like that by the look of it but its fact!

  4. I am over the moon with the Holtby addition. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a footbaler so genuinely happy to be at a club, he can’t stop smiling. Love it.

    Ontop of looking like a positive addition to the dressing room he has shown he can perform on the pitch at the highest level for Germany & in the UCL for Shalke, and against Farcenal to boot.

  5. Not a surprise, but I would consider this a loss for the league. I always got a good chuckle over the latest Mario episode… and he could be absolutely brilliant on the field. The sport needs more characters (I feel like our modern players’ images are so managed that we sometimes miss that aspect of yesteryear… yes, I just used “yesteryear” in a blog reply), and I never considered Mario mean-spirited or spiteful like some of the other players we refer to as “characters.” Clueless? Yes. Mean? No.

  6. Mario is extremely talented but I think his antics are too much to take for any club. He becomes too much of a distraction for all the wrong reasons. It’s only a matter of time before he gets into trouble at Milan as well.

    1. Really? What about the two he put past the ‘Worlds greatest team’ (TM) in that historic 6-1 derby game or The F.A cup final man of the match? That assist you talk about won a league destined to be won by 2 or 3 teams for the next ten years! How exciting. The Premier league has lost it’s most flamboyant player and that’s a shame. As a city fan myself I feel a bit sad more than I would with any other player except Kompany. I had the pleasure to meet him on a couple of occasions and he was a decent guy very different to other football players who where well rehearsed and wouldn’t give the time of day. Mario was genuine.

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