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FA Cup Sunday, Fourth Round: Open Thread

fa cup trophy 600x337 FA Cup Sunday, Fourth Round: Open Thread

After yesterday’s entertaining day in the FA Cup where we saw the first non-league team in 24 years to defeat a top flight English football side (Luton beating Norwich) as well as an entertaining match between Brighton and Arsenal, we have three FA Cup matches today televised for viewers in the US.

Kicking us off bright and early is the west London derby between Brentford and Chelsea (7am ET) followed by what I consider the biggest match of the weekend — Leeds vs Tottenham (9am ET). Last but not least we have Premier League veteran Paul Dickov managing Oldham as they face Liverpool at 11am ET.

Before, during and after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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95 Responses to FA Cup Sunday, Fourth Round: Open Thread

  1. jtm371 says:

    Lets go BEES! give the boot to Chelsea!

  2. jtm371 says:

    Brentford goal YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!i would give my first born for the Bees to hold on.

  3. The Gaffer says:

    This will be a must-watch second half. Great goal by Brentford.

    That reminds me. What does everyone think of co-commentator Stewart Robson? Does he get on your nerves or do you like what he says?

    The Gaffer

    • Scrumper says:

      Stewart Robson is the best. He reads the game well and says what he thinks.

      • The Gaffer says:

        I agree. I like him a lot. He’s very insightful and tells you things that enhance the game (things you don’t notice). I don’t think Arsenal fans think much of it because he can be quite harsh on Wenger, but he calls it the way he sees it, which I like.

        The Gaffer

        • Jack Tomczuk says:

          I like him when he does non-Arsenal matches. When he does commentate on the Gunners, he is really harsh, which I think is a symptom of trying to show people he is neutral (up until very recently he was on Arsenal’s payroll commentating for “Arsenal TV”)

  4. Sammy says:

    Brentford leading! Woohoo!

  5. jtm371 says:

    oh well it was fun to dream!

  6. jtm371 says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS the dream is back GO BEES!

  7. Guy says:

    This is what makes FA Cup matches fun. The big boys ought to win them even with subs on, but the minnows will be pumped up, so you just never know. :-)

  8. The Gaffer says:

    And there you go… Torres and Ba are on the same field together for a few minutes, and Ba creates an opening for Torres to score, and Torres scores.

    The Gaffer

  9. ecc7 says:

    Not the classiest of celebrations by Torres. At least Ashley Cole had some sense to cover his mouth and make him quit the “shhh” celebration. I mean, really? you’re going to shush a League One crowd when you get an equalizer???

  10. Guy says:

    You have to love the way Ba persued the play rather than flop and try to get a foul. A Chelsea player you can love. ;-)

  11. jtm371 says:

    what a joke the fat waiter thinks he should get the gaffer job full time. maybe keep your pie hole shut and see how the season ends up. i can not believe any CFC fan would want him as future gaffer. arrogant Pr*ck.

  12. The Gaffer says:

    Another great FA Cup result this weekend. Brentford gets a replay at Chelsea. MK Dons beat QPR. Luton beats Norwich. Millwall defeats Aston Villa. And who knows — maybe there’ll be a shock in the Leeds-Spurs or Oldham-Liverpool games?

    The Gaffer

  13. Guy says:

    Good for the Bees. They get their day at The Bridge. :-)

  14. Guy says:

    Wake up, Dust! Could be another tense one. Although, Brad is no Turnbull, so Spurs should be OK. :-)

  15. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Well done Brentford and Uwe Rosler. There’s 4 pubs that’ll be making some money this afternoon.

  16. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Now for Dirty Leeds. COYS.

  17. Sacto Blues says:

    Simply not good enough for my Chelsea however a absolutely shocking officiating. First there was no penalty a dive and secondly a hand ball in the ninety third minute. Its a extra fixture we didn’t need but we are still in the FA Cup. Don’t have a horse in the Leeds and Spurs match because I loathe both teams.

    • IanCransonsKnees says:

      “First there was no penalty a dive and secondly a hand ball in the ninety third minute.”

      Only sounds like Chelsea getting a taste of thir own medicene to me.

    • Scrumper says:

      It’s a nice contrast to see the how the non Premier teams play to the whistle. When the handball occured Chelsea immediately stopped and waved frantically at the ref, losing a real opportunity.

      Chelsea were outplayed by the Bees.

  18. The Gaffer says:

    That was way too easy for Leeds.

    Kyle Naughton gave his attacker way too much space and played his opponent onside.

    The Gaffer

  19. Clampdown says:

    Where’s all the righteous indignation about the Brentford player blatantly cheating?

  20. Mufc77 says:

    What’s with the lack of fans behind the Leeds goal

  21. Guy says:

    Off on my pet peeve again….on the Leeds goal, what is Naughton doing standing there with his hand in the air..asking to go to the bathroom? When he decides to chase Varney it is already too late. PLAY THE WHISTLE!

    • IanCransonsKnees says:

      What about the second one?

      Dust’s wall will have a nice print of his head in it where he keeps banging it.

      Dirty Leeds v Man Utd 5th round?

  22. Guy says:

    Not as bad as the first time, but there you have it again. Hand waving instead of concentrating on the task at hand.

  23. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Allen and Henderson in midfield for Liverpool. Anyone fancy crab for lunch?

  24. IanCransonsKnees says:

    John Bostock coming on. How many of you remember him? Quite pertinant given Zaha’s move this week – would Bostock have been better served staying with Palace rather than being ignored by Redknapp?

    Jose Baxter at Oldham is an interesting story in a similar vein. I think more and more you’ll start to see youngsters start to come back and haunt the top flight teams that discard them.

  25. Guy says:

    If I’m AVB I let my defenders know the next time one of them waves his hand trying to get an offsides call instead of keeping his head in the game he’s going to get to sit on the bench. Geez!

  26. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Not again! Probably too early.

  27. jtm371 says:

    fight on minnows Oldham upset would be great long way to go.

  28. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Boundary Park, another old skool ground. Fantastic place but bloody freezing in July nevermind January.

    • Guy says:

      One of the things I like about watching FA Cup matches is seeing these smaller, older grounds with their fervent fans. We have nothing comparable here in the States.

  29. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Typical keper wanting too much protection. Jones should have caught that and deserves a yellow for his reaction.

  30. Prinz says:

    Just like i said before, United is slowly getting into shape and very soon somebody is going to get a real beating.
    I’m Coming.

  31. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Come on you Latics – get stuck in!

  32. Mufc77 says:


    A bottle of whiskey says Utd don’t sign bergovic before next season.

  33. jtm371 says:

    fight on Oldham not helping for Jones to get first team playing time.

  34. Mufc77 says:

    Looks like its Liverpool who should be looking to sign bergovic.

  35. Marc L says:

    Holy crap! Oldham up 2-1 on the dippers?

    Paul Dickov has been known to work magic for the odd 3rd-division side here and there.

    Hang in there ‘Latics!

  36. Smokey Bacon says:

    Wynalda’s half time analysis is a joke. He is so unprepared its unreal. Doesn’t add anything which is poor when you only have Barton to out-pundit. Wynalda should go spend a few months in England to get some perspective. He has no clue about the English game.

  37. Bruce Gottesman says:

    What a day so far for FOX! Chelsea drawn, Spurs out, and Liverpool down to Oldham at the half. But they’re problably saying “all these upsets are great, but can we still get two giants into the final?” Though for me it would be great if there’s at least one non-Premier side in the final…

  38. Mufc77 says:

    Borini is the biggest donkey since Andy Carroll.

  39. IanCransonsKnees says:

    GTFI! Is the FA cup dead then?

  40. jtm371 says:

    if this holds up it would cap a great 4th round of The Cup. Go Oldham keep the boot in pool!

  41. Mufc77 says:

    Maybe Brendan Rodgers only wanted to Finnish 2nd in the FA cup as well as the league

  42. Smokey Bacon says:

    Scousers getting played off the park. No fight in Liverpool at all. Embarrassing.

  43. Mufc77 says:

    Anyone know when the 5th round draw takes place?

  44. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Immediately after this

  45. Mufc77 says:

    Daniel Sturridge the biggest donkey since Fabio Borini.

  46. Smokey Bacon says:

    Where is Andy Carroll when you need him?

    • IanCransonsKnees says:

      Playing up front for Oldham in the form of Matt Smith. Roger’s football snobbery scuppers his teams versatility.

  47. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Shouldn’t that have gone sideways?

  48. Guy says:

    Today was FUN! :-)

  49. trickybrkn says:

    That my friends is football karma…
    Well done Oldham.

  50. Mufc77 says:

    FSC and those stupid bloody tweets in the screen drive me crazy.

  51. BA14 says:

    Liverpoo loses to Oldham…all to funny.

  52. Smokey Bacon says:

    Massive setback for Rodgers. He had to go deep in this tournament to show progress. This might just cost him Suarez in the summer when Bayern come calling.

  53. trickybrkn says:

    Luton V Millwall… PERFECT.

  54. Smokey Bacon says:

    Luton! It had to be. Last time we went up there in the cup the place was turned into an all-seater pitch :)

  55. Mufc77 says:

    Nice home draw for utd next round against Reading.

  56. Prinz says:

    Another Manchester Club about to give the Pool some Stuffing, Come on You mean a full strength Liverpool Team cannot even beat a weakened MANCHESTER UNITED RESERVES, SHOCKING.
    I’m Coming

  57. Prinz says:

    So my boys get Reading in the next round, AWESOME, a great chance to annahilate somebody. When Chicharito talked about THE TREBLE i just thought OMG PLS WAKE UP BOY YOU’VE SLEPT TOO LONG, but i’m begining to believe with every passing day,

    I’m Coming

  58. Prinz says:

    Hey guys where’s Dust, come on well there was no Simeon Beck helping Spurs out today, u guys played your heart out last week but today it’s a case of almost, confirms what i knew some teams are just too INCONSISTENT, Today there was no Rafael for Bale to Batter

    Im Coming.

  59. Henry says:

    Congratulations to Oldham! Well done.

    Maybe now people will realize how average Brendan Rodgers is as a manager playing a 4-2-4 and getting outhussled in midfield. Borini looks a flop, at any price, but at 10 million what a waste. Sterling and Sturridge weren’t that better either. Liverpool keep buying mediocre players at inflated prices and then wonder why they’ve become a midtable team.

  60. Scrumper says:

    How’s Big Brenda going to talk his way out of this? They were outplayed by Mansfield and now hilariously by Oldham. It seemed Liverpool could only beat teams below them, now that’s not true anymore.

  61. David says:

    Mr Rodgers is a big talker, nothing more. Until Liverpool get a manager with better tactical awareness and someone who can pick the right players to buy and play, Liverpool will remain a midtable team.

  62. Prinz says:

    ‘It seemed Liverpool could only beat teams below them, not anymore’, THANKS FOR GIVING ME MY COMEDY LINE FOR THE WEEK, THAT WAS TRUELY HILARIOUS.

    I’m Coming.

  63. Prinz says:

    No offense to Pool fans but the truth is that Liverpool will remain a midtable club except they cease buying midtable players at inflated prices, whoever paid £35m for Andy Caroll deserves to face the FIRING SQUAD

    I’m Coming.

  64. Dust says:

    Today was brutal, attacking options aside, I understand where AVB is coming from when he expects any forward players to be able to score. IMO the achilles heel was the defense & CDM.

    NAUGHTON again allowing too much space just as he did against Utd. Caulker & Jan had a mare, I think the 2 centre backs were just unmotivated playing behind THud, how he got the nod ahead of Tom Carrol I don’t know. Scott Parker is certainly no Sandro. And Freezal was.. Freezal….still completely useless.

    Leeds have 3 other prem scalps already, I don’t think AVB underestimated leeds, I think the players did & didn’t perform to the levels expected of them. I’m sure AVB feels the same way ‘arry did about QPR he just isn’t going to express it in public.

    One positive is Bale escaped this

    That challenge didn’t even get a yellow, it is why I have no problem with bale doing whatever he needs to to not get clattered by them.

    The next 7 days are massive for Spurs on the field and in the transfer market.

    How Brentford & Oldham got the results they did today is beyond me. They are league 1! Seeing CFC & LFC in pain has given me a chuckle.

    Time to move on to Norwich & 3 must have points… LFC Farcenal draw is find by me!

  65. Frill Artist says:

    LOVE a Scouse loss.

  66. Ryan says:

    The loss to Oldham definitely hurts. The squad selection was highly questionable – our lack of size was obvious. I really don’t like Borini as a winger. Robinson, Coates had terrible games. Overall a really brutal loss.

    BUT – Oldham earned it. I’ll pull for them here on out.

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