Gary Neville Has Hidden Agenda on Sky Sports, Claims Richard Keys: The Daily EPL

Former Sky Sports king Richard Keys hit out at Gary Neville yesterday, claiming that the former Manchester United right back has a hidden agenda on Sky Sports.

Keys claims that Neville is operating with a Manchester United agenda in his role as a Sky Sports pundit.

‘I think he was sent out with an agenda,” said Keys on his talkSPORT radio show. “I don’t think Gary would have done that had he not been told, ‘Listen, finger him’. I don’t think you can nail a goalkeeper in that way.”

Neville replied via Twitter to say that “I never have and never will take instructions off anybody to say anything.” Neville later deleted the tweet from his Twitter account.

Do you think Gary Neville has a hidden agenda on Sky Sports or not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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20 thoughts on “Gary Neville Has Hidden Agenda on Sky Sports, Claims Richard Keys: The Daily EPL”

  1. I love Neville’s candor but in regards to this De Gea outburst I thought he was speaking up for the players in the United club house. Not that there is anything wrong with that to me but I really felt this was coming just as much from the players as Neville himself.

  2. He is a little rough on De Gea, but he’s not wrong. There have been a number of occasions this season where De Gea has made some sort of mistake and Vidic really glares at him. It’s bad and it worries me as a United fan because of the body language. Vidic seems to really dislike De Gea and De Gea seems frightened of Vidic… soils-his-pants frightened. It’s weird. Evra has gotten similar shouts and stares, but you never get the feeling that Evra is hated in the locker room. Perhaps it is because Evra is a grown man and De Gea is very young? Anyway… isn’t a functional relationship right now.

    I like Neville as a pundit though. I only wish it was easier to find his videos in the US. Would it kill Sky Sports to have a YouTube feed or put them on their website? Everything I find is something where someone has iPhone recorded their TV screen. Very 21st century stuff!

  3. Keys questioning impartiality of a former footballer @ Man Utd….Shock! LoL while based off of that statement from keys it does appear keys is insinuating something sinister, it is also not out of the Thelma of possibility that it is true.

    As a career media man keys has displayed impartiality, Neville not so much.

    In the De Gea incident he is interpreting players thoughts, he has first knowledge of the culture there, perhaps GN is right? Perhaps they are all pricks that judge their team mate when they make a mistake? perhaps 1 goal welbeck was looking at D Gea disrespectfully, maybe the chronically injurd vidic & continuly poor positioned rio believe they never make mistakes and feel its ok to be that way?

    Or maybe Neville had sour grapes after man utd were battered for 45 mins?

    Perhaps everyone should stop taking Neville’s every word as gospel.

    IMO he is stil the Karl Pillington of football. (England coach lol wow what a sham!). Ohh I’m not a fan lol

  4. To me its strange that the England assistant manager/coaching staff person can also be a pundit on TV, can create a conflict of interest. I know Roy Keane and Tevez brought this up too and the English media laughed them off but I see their point.

  5. I think Neville is a great commentator – he offers more insight than most of his peers.

    I don’t know that it’s fair to say that he has a hidden agenda – more likely he has more insight into the locker room at United because he just left it?

  6. At the same time it’s very hard to blame DaGea alone for United’s defensive deficiencies. Rather than glaring at him, why don’t you help the kid out a little bit and keep your body between the ball and the goal every now and then? A lot of it starts in midfield – they miss Fletcher.

    1. The United back pair have cost them dear this year and cost them the title last year. The breakdown in their defense against Everton is probably what cost United the silver, not David DaGea.

  7. Man Utd Legend Peter Schmichael in interview on Sky negating everything Neville said about the players staring down De Gea. I would take the word of the goal keeping legend over “look @ me, look @ me I’m Gary Neville”.

    I wonder if Pilkington will respond to Peter the legend Schmichael?

  8. Richard Keys is a mealy mouth twerp who has never got over the shock of being sacked by Sky. In terms of manufacturing sensationalism the Daily Mail and Talksport are about equal. So I wouldn’t read anything into this.

    The more acid the commentator the better the viewing.

  9. Anyone who watched the entire match objectively knows that De Gea was responsible for some tremendous saves. Otherwise United would have been behind well before the end. Watch the punch and you can see that with players around him he could not have punched it anywhere else or any further. Why not talk about why Ekoto was allowed to cross and why nobody picked up Dempsey in the box. United’s defenders has been poor all season long and a different goalkeeper won’t change that.

    Do I believe Gary Neville is being urged by elements at United to criticize De Gea? Yes, because he has not offered anywere close to the same criticism towards other players on other teams. He is still very much a United man.

  10. I think Neville was giving his opinion based on his experiences from being a defender. Out of curiosity, I asked a former US national goalkeeper for his thoughts on the Neville analysis and the United/Tottenham footage Neville used.

    Here is his email message back to me:

    “Here’s the breakdown of that goal. First, as a keeper you’ve got to be yelling at your defenders to push up. The further back you are as a defensive unit, the more room you give your opposition to play. Second, it seems as if the defender didn’t know he was coming. I bet he said “Keeper!” late which didn’t give the defender time to get out of the way. When you say “Keeper” that should signal to the defender to box out his attacker (just like in hoops). Finally, the 3 elements of a good box are: height, distance and width (in that order). Because his defender knocked him off the play he didn’t make good contact with the ball thus violating 2 of the 3 “rules” of a properly boxed ball.”

    He also ended his message by saying, “Are you sorry you asked me about this?”

    Anyway, I like Neville analysis of all things football. He gives a view and honesty that isn’t seen in any sport.

    But just like any opinion, it’s bound to have flaws and inaccuracies at times. I don’t think he has any agenda.

  11. I like Neville but I thought he was a bit over the top with this one. No mention of De Gea’s reaction saves earlier in the game that if they’d gone in would have made Dempsey’s goal a non event. Plus he carries on like he invented defending or something. He was a decent right back, nothing more. And I’m sure he f*cked up more than once when he first made the United team.

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