Michu Signs Extension to Swansea Contract That Ties Him to the Club Until 2016: The Daily EPL

Swansea have slammed the door shut on any transfer speculation about signing of the season Michu leaving South Wales. The Welsh club and the Spanish attacking midfielder have signed a contract extension to keep him at the Liberty Stadium until the summer of 2016.

Although that doesn’t mean that Michu won’t be a keen transfer signing in the summer, it certainly increases the likelihood that the Swans will be able to sell him for an even greater transfer fee if/when the opportunity presents itself. Not bad business considering that Swansea signed the footballer for just £2million.

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7 thoughts on “Michu Signs Extension to Swansea Contract That Ties Him to the Club Until 2016: The Daily EPL”

  1. The Gaffer
    let me be the first to say i hope your Swans put the boot to Chelsea.if they win it would be a great day for the little guys.you know someway some how your going to have to go and see them in Wembley.go SWANS make it happen.

  2. That is a very nice thing for Michu to do, he could still leave in the summer, what the new contract does do is make it easier for Swansea to get more money for him.

    1. And…. establish him as an earner of certain EPL wage levels. If you want him, get ready to give him even more than he’s making now.

      Win-win deal.


  3. Ended up being in Denver last summer when Swansea played the Colorado Rapids. Went to the match, had a great time watching Michu.

    My one regret was that I was in the airport and noticed Swansea walking through but was so focused on stalking Laudrup that I let the opportunity for a picture of Michu go by.

    Laudrup walked a different way so now I have a “what could have been” memory and no photo ops with anyone from the club.

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