Fabricio Coloccini Heading Out of Newcastle United; Doesn’t Want to Play Another Game for Club: The Nightly EPL

Newcastle United defender Fabricio Coloccini appears to be on the verge of heading out of the club after reaffirming his desire to end his stay at St. James’ Park.

According to an exclusive in The Independent, Coloccini does not intend to play against Aston Villa in Tuesday’s crucial relegation battle at Villa Park – their next game. Coloccini has reportedly told United that he doesn’t want to play another game for the club despite the fact that his old team in Argentina, San Lorenzo, have come out and said they can’t find the funds to buy the player.

Coloccini’s wife is believed to have returned to Argentina. The footballer wants to return to Argentina to deal with “personal matters.”

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

In case you missed it, here are the highlights from today’s Arsenal-West Ham United match:

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4 thoughts on “Fabricio Coloccini Heading Out of Newcastle United; Doesn’t Want to Play Another Game for Club: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Real shame. Class act last season but life goes on. He clearly has issues but Pardew has to cut him loose. In any other line of work it would be considered insubordination that usually results in getting fired.

    Newcastle have made some interesting signings this week. Expect them to turn things around and go on a run.

  2. nice story about the Bradford fan getting over brain tumor.Bradford captain went over and thanked the boy and gave him his shirt.like i said their will be no loser in the League Cup Final good stories on both sides.

  3. he had an affair with a 20 year old college student. his wife’s left for aregentina as a result.

    If this situation happened in the USA, where a player wants a relese from his contract. he would have no choice but to address the media at some point soon.

    Interesting how the UK footballers never get heard from in the press. No requirements for interviews or anything.

    Your the capatain for your team you need to act like it. If you have problems fine, people can help you get them sorted out.

    What Coliccini is doing is in very poor professional form.

    Stop hiding Colo……..

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